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Recent Changes

May 10, 2019 · Status,

  • 9 Box Skill Grid that will show users on the basis of their skill and performance level.
  • Form Improvements.
  • PDF Filler for Candidates: In HCM, now user can attach PDF Filler docs to candidates. On candidate view page under docs tab, any user who has “Candidate Edit” permission can attach pdf docs to candidates and candidate can fill pdf documents from their Job Board profile under “Pdf Documents” section by clicking on “Fill Form” link.
  • ‘MyNotification’ page added in the Job Board for the candidates where the candidate can enable and disable notification sent to the user.
  • An option added in the Candidate Docs to fill the fillable Docs by the candidate in the Job Board.
  • New page created for managing third-party connections.
  • Fixed bug related to QB online on the user view page.
  • Two new drop downs added department and location while creating new performance review.
  • An option added to import goals while creating performance reviews in bulk.
  • The user can now select the users for whom he wants to create a performance review after applying filters.