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Record Approval Preferences

May 10, 2019 · Advanced Options,

User can enable Record Approval feature on Address, Dependent and Emergency Contacts Information sections on User’s Profile view page. This way corresponding records will go for review to authorized users before being published on User’s Profile view.

Admin users can set the preference by navigating to Other menu item under Setup menu.

Basically, three preferences are available:

  1. Auto Approval: All users are authorized to add/update/delete all the sections. No approval is required.
  2. Not Editable: Only authorized Users can add/update/delete the information.
  3. Approval Required: Unauthorized Users can add/update information but that will be in Waiting for Approval state and will not be shown on User’s Profile until it has been approved.

Who are the Authorized Users?

The Authorized Users are users with Approval Permission. Site Admin can give Approval Permission to any User from Security & Permission menu item under Setup menu by using User’s Address Approval, User’s Dependent Approval etc. permissions.

Who can access these sections irrespective of ‘Approval’ permission?

  1. Users with Extended User Profile View permission can see Dependents, Emergency Contacts and Address sections with Approved records only.

  2. The user herself/himself can see her/his own profile for this information without any permission.