Report Features

BizMerlinHR Reporting Module allows you to share, download and copy (clone) reports, as well as manage and create your favorites.

Share Report

Heads of the departments, managers, and teammates get the hyperlink of the report in the email. You have the facility to add multiple users while sharing in the share feature. 

Here are the steps to share your report:
A. Go to report view page
B. On the top click on the share icon, and a popup will appear
C. Search and select the user’s name with whom you want to share the report
D. A message field is provided for an additional message to a user
E. Click on the “Share” button to send an email

Report Features 1

Download Report

Download your report for future reference from the report view page. Reports are available for download in “Excel,” “CSV,” or “PDF” formats.

Report Features 2

Favorite Report

Discover a report quickly in the BizMerlinHR report feature by adding it to your favorite list.
Click the star icon to add the report to favorites on the report view page. By navigating to the “Favorites” section on the report home page, you can see all of your favorite reports

Report Features 3

Copy Report

Utilize the “copy report” feature to create a duplicate report. Without affecting the original report, you have the benefit of modifying the cloned report.

Report Features 4