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Retention Management – How to configure your own survey?

May 10, 2019 · Survey Form,

  • In the HCM-> Go to “Setup” menu and Scroll to “Forms, Workflows & Templates”.
  • Click on “Forms” under Forms section, you will get list of forms.
  • Click on “New Form” button, if you want to create new form.
  • Otherwise, select any form that you want to show in your App. There is one condition that “Availability” column should be OPEN.

  • Click on that form, in the URL you will get formId.

  • Now, this formId e.g:-formId: 80, you can enter in the HCM ->Go to “Setup” menu and click on “Other”.
  • On “Other” page, there is a “System Preferences” section.  Specify the form ID for “Retention Survey Form ID” field.
  • Click on “Update Preferences” button.

Now this form will be visible to you in your App.