Sample of Onboarding Workflows

Onboarding | New Hire: Welcome (Sample Onboarding Workflow)
  •  Phase: First Day at the Job: BASIC SETUP             
    • Meeting with HR Manager:    Complete any paperwork, understand HR policies and benefits
    • Meeting with IT for equipment and basic set up:    Receive your laptop, cell phone, and basic software|applications accounts
    • Meet your company buddy:    He once was new as well! He/She will answer all your questions!
    • Tour of Office Premises with your buddy:    Know your way around and where to find freshly brewed coffee!
  • Phase: First Day at the Job: TEAM AGENDA
    • Welcome meeting with your manager:    You made it here! Let’s get started!
    • Lunch with your new team:    Start building all those key relationships with your team right from the start
  •  Phase: First Week at the Job Agenda            
    • Strategy meeting with your manager:    Overview of where you fit within the team, the department, the company the overall company’s vision
    • Performance expectation meeting with your manager:    Understand what is critical for your success in the team and the company
    • Team building event:    Let’s have some fun, while you get to know the team a little better
    • Specific training:    Functional | Security | …
  • Phase: Paper Work First Week on the Job              
    • Sign the I9:    I9
    • Sign the W2:    W2

Onboarding | HR Manager: New Employee Onboarding Workflow (Sample Onboarding Workflow)

  • Phase: IT Set up: Hardware and System Setup
    • Software Systems Setup: Including Email accounts, phone extension,  and enable access to key applications like BizMerlinHR
    • Setup Workstation: Computer, cells, and other devices: Assign assets to a new employee in BizMerlin System
    • Office Keys/access codes/Datawatch cards: Have access to premises ready
  • Phase: HR Manager Tasks: Employee Policy
    • Email Check: Verify the user email
    • Employee Handbook: Send a mail with Employee Handbook as an attachment.
    • Document Signature: Send and collect all needed onboarding paperwork like Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • New Hire Training: Including Systems, Security, etc
    • Benefit Package Selection: Review the benefits offer and select the package that you want to enroll
  • Phase: Team Manager Tasks: Welcome to Office
    • Welcome Mail: Send welcome mail to the new joinee.
    • Introduction Mail: Send an introduction mail to all members.
    • Premises Tour: Make sure new employee has a tour to the premises so he/she feels at home as soon as possible
    • First-week meeting agenda: Make sure the employee has time to meet not only his/her immediate team but introduce them to key players in other departments and teams in the organization. Help the employee establish relationships early for a quick and fun onboarding process!


Hope this helps 🙂