Set up an Interview with a Candidate


  1. Please navigate to a candidate’s profile and click on the Position tab.


  1. On the position tab,  you see a dropdown. When you click on that dropdown you should select the “Schedule Interview” Option.


  1. After clicking on the “Schedule Interview”, you see a new pop-up appears where details of the Interview need to be filled by the interviewer, and then click on “Save Interview”.


4. When you click on “Save Interview”, the interview information is saved on that same page under the event section.


5.  Simultaneously, the information reflects on the candidate portal in the interview tab.


6. Interviewer should have received an email notification for the interview. 

7. Now,  Interviewer can check the interview task in “My assignment “  under the Hiring menu.

8. On the “My Assignments” page of the Interviewer, you see the name of the candidate for the interview.

9. Now, Interviewer can change the status of the interview accordingly.

10. The Status changed by the interviewer should also reflect on the “Position” tab under the “Event Status” column in the candidate profile.