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Set Up an Interview with a Candidate

January 8, 2021 · All About Hiring: Positions & Applicant Tracking,

  1. Please go to a candidate’s profile and click on the Position tab. In the Position tab, there is an “Add Interviewer” button.INTERVIEW
  2. Click on this button to add an interviewer. Fill in the name of the interviewer and add the due date for the interview. You can click on the “Add Interviewer” button again to add more individuals to create a panel of interviewers. The system will send an email notification to each interviewer informing them of the interview.INTERVIEW
  3. When these interviewers log into the system, they will see a red bubble on the Hiring menu. This red bubble indicates that an interview assignment is pending. Interviewers can complete the interview by clicking on “My Assignments”. INTERVIEW