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Setting Up User Profiles

May 13, 2019 · Getting Started in BizMerlin & FAQs,

[To learn more about the Difference between “User Profile” | “User Role | “User Group”, please, click here]

What is a ‘User Profile’
User Profile refers to the main function or level a person has in an organization. Some examples are: junior developer, senior salesperson,but of course you have the flexibility to define the profiles that are relevant to your organization. However, to save you setup time, BizMerlin comes with predefined profiles that you can keep, edit or remove.

How to define ‘User Profiles’
  1. Go to top right “Setup” Menu
  2. Click on sub-menu “Organization Setup”
  3. Click on “User profile” link under User Profile Configuration section
  4. Give the profile a name and description and click “Save”

To learn more about “How to assign a Profile to a User“, please click here.