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Setup an Initial PTO Balance

May 13, 2019 · All About Leave | PTO Management,

For the system to start calculating PTO balances accurately for every specific user, an initial balance for all individual users needs to be setup. The date for this balance needs to be specified for all users.Please see below Use Cases for better understanding:

  1. Use Case 1. Brand New Employee – Typically a brand new employee would have an “Initial Balance” = 0, with the Initial Balance Date = Starting Date)
  2. Use Case 2. Starting your PTO Management in BizMerlinHR – In this case, most employees would already have a balance that needs to be specified in their respective User Records. Specify a balance as of the 1st of the current month or the 1st of any month of your choosing. All leaves taken after the Initial Balance Date need to be logged in BizMerlinHR for the current balance to be accurate.

To specify the initial balance of a certain Leave Type for your users:

  1. Go to the User’s Profile
  2. Open the PTO tab
  3. Click on “Specify an Initial Balance” and fill out the details:
    1. Policy
    2. Balance (in hours)
    3. Date of Balance
  4. Save