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Setup of Custom Badges and how to use them in Feedbacks

October 22, 2020 · All About Instant Feedback & Performance Reviews, Instant Feedback,

BizMerlinHR provides the ability to upload the custom badges and use them while giving feedbacks.


The user must have the “Setup menu access permission’ to create a new badge.

Following are the steps to upload the custom badges in the setup menu and using them in the feedbacks.

  1. Navigate to the “Goals and Performance Management” under the “Setup Menu” on the top-right corner of the application.
    goals and performance management
  2. Click on the “Badges” link to navigate to the badges page.Badges
  3. Click on “Define a New Badge” button to navigate to the New Badge page.New Badge
  4. Fill out the details of the new badge.
  5. Click on the “Select Custom Image” link and Choose any image from your system. We support .jpg, .jpeg, .png formats with file size up to 2MB.Select Badge
    Add Image
  6. The preview of the image will appear on the right side of the page.Image Preview
  7. Click on the “Save Value” button to save the badge.
  8. Now, this custom badge is available to be selected on the Give Feedback page from the badge icon list.icon-dropdown
  9.  This badge will be visible on user feedback page, after sending the feedback to the user.