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Slack Chat-BizMerlin Integration

May 10, 2019 · Integrating BizMerlinHR with 3rd Party Applications,

Obtain your Slack App credentials:

    1. Log in to Slack as an administrative user.
    2. Go to the Slack API Applications page.
  1. Click the Create New App button.
  2.  Fill in the form as follows:
    1. Enter any descriptive name into the App Name field.

    2. Select the appropriate Development Slack Workspace to provision users into.

    3. Click on the Create App button.

  1. Click on the OAuth & Permissions link in the left navigation.
  1. In the Redirect URLs section, Click the Add a new Redirect URL button.
  2. Enter the following URL into the text field:
  3. Click the Add button. Click the Save URLs button to save the URL.
  4. In the Scopes section on the page, add the admin scope.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.
  •  If the installation is taking place in an enterprise org, perform the following steps:
    1. Click on the Manage Distribution link in the left navigation.
    2. Scroll down to the checklist and click on the Remove Hard Coded Information section.
    3. Check the checkbox.
    4. Click the Activate Public Distribution button.
    5. Click on the Basic Information link in the left navigation.

7)    Go to the Settings -> Basic Information page, and from the App Credentials section of the page copy the Client ID and Client Secret values.

Setup Slack Chat on Third Party Integrations:

  1. Go to the top right “Setup” menu and scroll down and click on “Third Party Integrations”: Setup-> Third Party Integrations
  2. On the Third Party Integrations page, click on the button “New Integration” and choose “Slack Chat”
  3. Fill in your Integration name in “Name” field.
  4. Fill in Consumer Key (from the Client ID field obtained from Slack in step 7 above)
  5. Fill in Consumer Secret (from the Client Secret field obtained from Slack in step 7 above)


To use this feature, follow these workflow steps:

  1. In BizMerlin, go to the top menu “People” and click “Everyone” menu item then find a button “Slack Chat” (if you just added Slack, you may have to logout and login back once to see this button 🙁 )
  2. Click a button “Slack” and fill all details for login into slack chat account.
  3. After the authorization step, you can send a message to the slack channel selected from the channel list.
  4. You can also read top 50 chat messages of the selected channel in the chat message section on the right side of the slack page.
  5. By clicking refresh link, you can refresh the chat history.