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When to launch Performance Reviews in Batch & How to

February 9, 2021 · All, Performance Reviews,

BizMerlinHR allows you to prepare and launch performance reviews one by one, or in batch.

  1. Single Performance Reviews: performance assessments can be done on a one on one basis, for any particular individual at any time
  2. Batch Performance Reviews: performance assessments can be prepared and launched for a group of individuals at once based on the following criteria, or any combination of these criteria:
    1. Org Unit
    2. Location
    3. Job Profile
    4. Any User Record Custom Field – this gives you infinite flexibility when selecting your cohort of people.

For example, you can launch the reviews of all the individuals in the Sales department, located in Europe at the same time.

When to launch Performance Reviews In Batch: 

  1. Volume: When there is a large number of assessments to be prepared and launched at once. Doing this in batch will optimize the process by making some few  choices that will apply to all the individuals of the selected group.
  2. Same template: When the same performance template applies to the group of individuals, and no personalization is needed to the metrics used. See below for possible personalization on goals and skills.
  3. Same reviewer types: When the same level of reviewers apply to all the reviews. For example, when they all need a self review, a manager’s review and an Org Unit Head review. The specific reviewers may not be the same for all the individuals in the group, but they are all reviewed by the same “reviewer type”. Because the system knows the reporting lines for all individuals, it will calculate, assign and notify the right people for the right reviews.
  4. Same review period: When the timeframe under review is the same for all individuals. Let’s say Q1 for instance.
  5. Same deadlines: When all the reviewer types have the same deadline to submit their assessments.

With Performance Reviews in Batch, you still can: 

  1. Personalize the content of the review by including the individuals’ own goals and/or skills. If you opt to include a section with goals and/or skills, the content of this section will vary according to the individual.
  2. Exclude certain individuals that belong to the batch of people you have chosen based on the filters/criteria applied.

How to launch a Performance Review in Batch

  1. Go to the top Menu “Feedback” and click on “All Performance Reviews”
  2. Click on “New Performance Review”
  3. Select the “Batch” option for individual performance review
  4. Select the combination of filters to apply:
    1. Profile
    2. Org Unit
    3. Location
    4. Any custom Field
  5. Select other details like: period of performance to assess; template to use, etc.
  6. The system will guide you to next steps of: confirming individuals; defining reviewer types, deadlines and visibility options.