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Wonscore-BizMerlin Integration

May 10, 2019 · Integrating BizMerlinHR with 3rd Party Applications,

BizMerlin integrates with the Wonscore API to provide customers pre-employment test services. BizMerlin provides simplified pre-employment test service via Wonscore API integration. It is easy to initiate candidate’s assessment and analyse the results.


1. Third Party Integrations

       To configure integration in third party integrations, follow these steps:

  1. Go to third party integrations under “Setup” menu

  2. Click “Add new” to add new integration

  3. Enter “Name” of integration as Wonscore

  4. Select Wonscore as “Integration Type” from combobox

  5. Fill all the mandatory fields.

  6. Hit “Procure” button.

2. Custom Fields

After configuring Wonscore in third party integrations, setup a custom field.

To create a Wonscore job custom field, follow these steps:

  1. Click on top right corner “Setup” menu in BizMerlin Application.

  2. Scroll down to “Organization Setup” sub-menu and click on “Custom Fields” link under Custom Fields Configuration section.
  3. Click on “New Custom Field”

  4. Enter “Name” of custom field as Wonscore Job ID

  5. Enter “Field Code” as wonscore.jobid

  6. Select “Field Type” as Text Box and “Type” as Generic

  7. Select “Object Type” as “Position”

  8. Hit “Save” button

Now, we are done with the configuration part and ready to use Wonscore workflow


To use this feature, follow these workflow steps:

  • Go to Position View page, under Actions tab find a link “Link to Wonscore” (this link will be displayed only if Wonscore is configured in third party integrations)
  • Click “Link to Wonscore”

  • On clicking “Link to Wonscore”, Wonscore Job Directory will open in a popup window.

  • Wonscore Job Directory will show the jobs relavant to the Position in BizMerlin HR system

  • Select a job from popup window that best suits to the Position defined in BizMerlin HR system.

  • Review the profile to see the details

  • After reviewing the job description, click “Next”

  • Click “Confirm link” to link this job to BizMerlin HR system “Position”

  • On successfully linking to Wonscore, system will show a notification.

  • Under Actions tab “Link to Wonscore” link will now show the “Linked job name”

  • Go to the Candidate now who has applied for this “Position” (Advance java)

  • On Candidate View page, Under “Comments” section, a button “Schedule Test” button will be showing.

  • Clicking this button “Schedule Test” will open up the various integrated partners for scheduling a test.

  • Click on “Wonscore Assessment”, this will open a popup with some options to select


  • Select any “Round” from combobox, either “Qualify” or “Confirm”

  • Select Retest option if Candidate is being retested.

  • Click on “Initiate Assessment” button.

  • This will initiate the process and system will generate a link where a candidate can take the test.

  • Test link will be added in “Comment Section” and a notification mail will be sent to candidate and the one who initiate the assessment.