Zoom – BizMerlinHR integration

Zoom and BizMerlinHR

BizMerlinHR’s ATS is a smart, scalable, and one-stop recruitment technology platform ideal for optimizing and streamlining your selection process. With BizMerlinHR’s Zoom integration, your panel of interviewers and your candidates can have an efficient and seamless virtual – interview experience. You can effortlessly schedule two-way video calls between your co-workers and candidates. With the simple action of clicking on a link, you give the participants both the when and the where of the virtual interview.


Do I need this integration?

With all-virtual interviews becoming the convention, it’s important for businesses to implement the tools that enable hiring success. The virtual interviewing process easily lends itself to be executed through a centralized channel as against a physical interviewing process which invariably requires multiple operational costs. 

That’s why BizMerlinHR has made its Zoom integration available to customers. Using Zoom integration, recruiters will be able to include video interviews into their selection process. With video interviews, you don’t lose the human connection. You can still assess facial expressions and level of engagement when speaking virtually to candidates.

How do I enable the Zoom integration in BizMerlinHR?


Zoom and BizMerlinHR integration

  1. Go to Setup menu–>Third Party Integrations.Step 1
  2. Click on “New Integration” and select Communication as the Integration Type.Step 2
  3. After adding Zoom in Third-Party Integrations, you need to connect to Zoom. To do so, please go to your profile icon on the top right and click on “My Integrations”.Step 3
  4. In My Integrations→ Manage Connections, you will find a section for Zoom. In the Zoom section, please click on “Connect”.Step 4
  5. You will be redirected to the Zoom account login page.
  6. After successfully logging in to Zoom, you will be redirected to the “My Integrations” page with “Connected” status.Step 6

    How to schedule a Zoom interview?

    1. Please go to that candidate’s “Action” tab and click on “Setup an Interview”.Step 7
    2. A pop-up will appear in which you can fill out the interview details. In the field for “Video Interview”, please select the “Zoom Video” option. After filling in the details, please click on “Schedule Interview”.Step 8
    3. After clicking on Schedule Interview, another pop-up will appear in which you will see a “Template” field. From here, you can select which email template to send to the participants.Step 9


With the simplicity and swiftness of a single click, Interviewers and candidates are able to connect over Zoom.