Automated Reminders and Notifications


With several tasks and responsibilities at once, automating notifications and reminders can help them
to make sure that no task is overlooked.

Increase incident efficiency and save valuable time

If there are any upcoming performance reviews, HR software can remind concerned employees about these events by sending automatic email alerts. Therefore, employees are less likely to forget about tasks or due dates, and HR teams also spend less time chasing people to complete actions.

Scheduling Notifications

With BizMerlin’s notifications functionality, you can schedule automatic notification emails to prompt employees and managers on some particular date. With Notifications bubbles on dashboard pages, it ensures pending performance tasks get done on time, every time.

Adjustable Notification Settings

Our Software will let you adjust the settings of your alerts to ensure that you get the notifications that matters to you and they will appear in your employees’ inboxes in sync with pop-up bubbles on the pending modules tasks.

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