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  • Strengthen a growth driven culture with continuous performance management
  • Combine instant feedback with badges, points, awards and leaderboards

Meaningful | Frequent | Actionable


More Fun and Social

Share with social feeds, ‘walls of fame’ and ‘company walls’


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Onboard & offboard while in different locations & timezones


More Employee Engagement

Create positive journeys for your employees.

Why BizMerlin

Relevant and actionable

Because a single meaningful insight can drive powerful growth

From your desk or on the go

Convenient with native iOS and Android Applications

Make it fun and social

Share with social feeds, ‘walls of fame’ and ‘company walls’


Engage and Retain your employees using BizMerlinHR!

Acquiring a capable HRMS has taken the load of leave, capacity and performance management off me. Our journey towards building a high-performance culture started with our ability to track and measure individual and team performance. I was fortunate enough to select a partner like BizMerlin that is responsive and professional.
Doreen Baffoe – CHRO of Bayport Ghana

BizMerlinHR is the second HR software we have used and it is beyond our expectations. The application is friendly and has been customized to suit our needs which is something the other software was unable or unwilling to accommodate.
Teresa Carley Accounts Receivable – Future Services, Inc

Step up for agile feedback system with BizMerlinHR