employee profiles | onboarding | time & leave management
dynamic goal setting | agile feedback | applicant tracking system

Modern HR Software for the bold entrepreneurs

Combine the easy, simple, efficient and automated HR basics, with AI-powered
insights to invest in your team and your business

Let us save you time and headspace to focus on the real ventures and problems you are solving


Cloud based application
Available in your favorite browsers

Native iOS and Android mobile apps
100+ integrations with JIRA, Salesforce, QuickBooks and others

Meaningful | Configurable | Easy | Engaging

  • Employee Records

    Consolidate all of your employee information in one place.
    Update and manage details in the office or
    on the go!

  • Easy On Boarding

    Paperless process.
    Better compliance.
    Excited new hires!

  • Leave Management

    Enjoying time off has never been easier. Check available policies, balances, requests and approvals at the click of a button.

  • Performance Reviews

    Achieve performance review zen with easy to build review cycles, templates, notifications, timelines and easy

  • Agile Feedback

    Support the culture of growth and celebration with instant feedback that is meaningful, timely and engaging

  • Applicant Tracking System

    Reach out to better candidates and share a simple and intuitive way to track and evaluate their applicant information>

  • Skill Management

    Really know your team. Easy views of who knows what. At what level. Plan for future opportunities, gaps and talent development

  • Goal Management

    Clear goal setting with easy updates, comments and and easy .

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    Check our all integrated suit of solutions including:

    • Workforce
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