BizMerlinHR AI Ethics Policy

BizMerlinHR AI Ethics Policy


BizMerlinHR is a Human Resource Management Software that uses Artificial intelligence (AI) for supporting predictive and calculative HR metrics. 

The BizMerlin team takes the responsibility of being a platform that incorporates algorithms into predictive HR, analytics, and we have developed an ethical policy used internally to guide decisions around our AI’s development and usage. 

This ethical policy has been based upon the standard set out in “Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI” published by the European Union as a supplement to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

BizMerlinHR’s Ethical Guidelines for Suggestive and Predictive AI in HR technology


1. Prioritize the welfare of users, above all else.


We believe Ethical suggestive and predictive AI must deliver meaningful enhancements to the well-being of those who use the technology.


BizMerlinHR’s AI ethics policy is committed not only to each user that works with the BizMerlinHR platform to hire, onboard, manage, train, and/or promote the team members but also the end-user who is registered with the system. Any feature added to our AI or platform must contribute to the welfare of all the end-users either directly, or indirectly via features that enable HR Managers and Talent Acquisition Managers to deliver a more personalized, sustainable, suitable, and effective hiring, employee engagement and management, learning and resource planning experience to users.


We believe Ethical ATS AI must match and recommend the candidates fairly and impartially.


      • BizMerlinHR’s ATS AI is to committed to automating the matching of the candidates from the pool to the open positions. 
      • BizMerlinHR’s ATS AI is committed to recommending the candidates based on reviewers’ scores, past tenure, work & education history.


2. Augment the resource planning process


    We believe BizMerlinHR’s resource planning AI must build solutions that augment and empower resource planners


    Algorithms are an excellent tool to find resourcing gaps and surpluses particularly in times when everything is constantly changing. BizMerlinHR’s algorithms work to optimize the resource utilization on each project to recommend the recruitment initiation based on project dates and historical data.


    3. Strengthening the user competency process


    We believe BizMerlinHR’s AI competency management must continuously seek to calculate fairly and suggest objectively the competency levels


    BizMerlinHR’s competency management AI is committed to calculate and suggest fairly based on the training completions and competency level updates based on feedback by qualified coworkers.


    4. Bringing transparency to the career planning process


    BizMerlinHR’s Career Planning AI is committed to suggest the career paths to the users based on the past promotion data. It is extremely useful in combating bias that would unfairly impact users on the basis of their gender, age, race, language-learner status, or other human factors outside of their control. BizMerlinHR collects only user data essential to delivering immediate and essential value to people using BizMerlinHR.


    We believe BizMerlinHR’s Career Planning AI  must consider–and design for–the worst possible scenarios.


    All of BizMerlinHR’s AI features are analyzed from a lens of how it could increase the welfare of the people using our platform, as well as how they could possibly harm them. Each feature or enhancement added to the BizMerlinHR is subjected to critical questioning on ways the addition could introduce bias into our system or negatively impact the well-being of people using the BizMerlin platform. 


    5. Be transparent and explainable in plain language.


    We believe BizMerlinHR’s ATS, Competency, Resource Planning, and Career Planning AI must be transparent and explainable in plain language.


    BizMerlinHR’s product team prioritizes building simple, explainable, understandable AI, instead of adding complexity to our algorithms.

    Since BizMerlinhr’s algorithms result in a user getting hired or managed or promoted it is critically important that any decisions made by our AI can be explained by people, to people. While more complex models exist that could improve the accuracy of classification on BizMerlinHR, our team believes in maintaining simple and explainable algorithms as a core principle of our product development process.

    Members of BizMerlinHR’s team must be able to confidently explain why the AI made a recommendation or assigned a score that it did in plain language. 


    6. Be held accountable by humans.


    We believe BizMerlinHR’s ATS, Competency, Resource Planning, and Career Planning must be validated by human oversight.


    BizMerlinHR provides human oversight to audit and verifies the recommendations of our AI to ensure checks-and-balances. Any recommendations made by our AI that could have an impact on a candidate’s chances of getting hired or an employee’s competency levels to be updated are either directly verified or audited by human oversight by members of our customer success team or Support teams.


    We believe BizMerlinHR’s ATS, Competency, Resource Planning, and Career Planning AI must defer to decisions made by people when those decisions conflict with AI recommendations.


    The design team at BizMerlinHR continues to look for ways to use AI to make recommendations to help people make more informed, scalable decisions, involving people in processes rather than removing them. If any user has taken an action that would contradict the AI’s recommendation, their action should take precedence.


    We believe BizMerlinHR’s ATS, Competency, Resource Planning, and Career Planning AI  should be able to be challenged and questioned by the people it serves.


    People using the BizMerlinHR platform have a right to challenge decisions made about their data and request an explanation of why a decision was made. HR Managers, Resource planners, and Talent Acquisition Managers have the right to a transparent explanation of why an AI-based decision was made and have the right to request a re-evaluation of that decision by a member of the BizMerlin team.

    If you feel that a piece of your data was wrongly flagged, moderated, or scored by our AI and would like an explanation or re-evaluation, please contact our support team.


    All notices or other correspondence to BizMerlin regarding AI Ethics Polic must be sent to the following electronic mail address for such purpose: Or the following physical address:

    BizMerlin LLC
    11710 Plaza America Dr, Suite 2000
    Reston VA 20190