BizMerlinHR BI Connect

Using BizMerlinHR BI Connect, you can get access to a native SQL database for your business intelligence and analytical purposes. That means, when you have brilliant ideas, you can run any kind of ad hoc queries, perform any number of tests and innovate. Analyze your data using your own processes and your own tools.

How it Works

A data pipeline (series of steps) is executed on a daily basis, which allows the data to move from the production BizMerlinHR system to become useful in another Destination System. Customers can connect via any Business Intelligence system (such as Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio) and have access to the read-only instance of the data.

BizMerlinHR BI Connect

Use Cases and Scenarios

Data pipelines transform raw data into data ready for any kind of analytics, data science, or AI and machine learning systems.


Starting at $12K per annum. Contact your BizMerlinHR account manager for more details.