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Succession Planning: Best Practices for Planning and Execution

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Thursday, May 26, 2022

02:00 PM EDT

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Any business of any size needs a succession plan. A Succession Plan is the formal process businesses use to assure the orderly and planned transfer of function, power, and accountability when executives or managers leave the company because of death, retirement, resignation, or other means.

Businesses succeed best when they have the right people in the right place. They have the talents needed for the company to meet its long and short-term strategic goals. So, planning for that continuity is vital.

A plan needs more than a sequence of steps. It must recognize the organization as an organism with ebbs and flows. And, it must provide the means to navigate the system.



Key topics covered in this online course:

    • Best practices to manage workforce-related risks
    • Tips on how to create an effective succession planning model that adapts for the future
    • How to ensure a high-quality supply of leadership talent & diversified bench strength.
    • How to analyze the importance of developing senior leaders for sustainable business performance


    • Introduction to Succession Planning
    • How to develop future leaders insightfully
    • Effective ways to identify critical positions and highlight potential vacancies
    • A holistic view on succession pools and plans


BizMerlinHr Webinar Presenter

Tim Reitsma

Co-founder and General Manager,
@ People Managing People

BizMerlinHr Webinar Presenter

James E. Thomas

Founder and President,
@ J.E. Thomas and Associates

BizMerlinHr Webinar Presenter

Shirley Omari

Human Resources Manager,
@ Ilara Health

BizMerlinHr Webinar Presenter

Amrinder Arora

Co-founder & CEO
@ BizMerlinHR