BizMerlinHR features a complete career planning software that is available as an add-on
to your core HCM system, or as a standalone system.

Using the BizMerlin Career Planner, you can define the career pathway templates for your workforce.

You can enable the team members to visualize the next steps in their careers, and learn from the paths taken by others.

BizMerlin Career Planner
Show your staff a career within your company


  • Define and share career pathways as templates for your employees so they know, not only where they are, but also where they might be in future
  • Easily view skills gaps in your team to prepare for next career steps
  • Prepare for succession for key employees retiring or moving to new roles
  • Optimally plan your workforce, based on availability, competencies and financial factors
  • Track the career progression of employees at any time

Seamlessly Works with Your Existing HR Data

  • BizMerlin Career Planner uses the user profiles and competencies (skills) master data in your BizMerlinHR to build career pathways.
  • System automatically learns from the past career tracks taken in your organization and makes intelligent recommendations.
  • Based on employee’s current competencies and profile, system guides desired competencies and required trainings
  • Seamlessly exchanges data with retention management
  • Automatically tracks lateral moves and upcoming retirements
Succession Planning