Succession Planning Software

Succession Planning Software

Identify and Develop Future Leaders


Identify critical roles for succession. Track candidates and assess their readiness. Create succession pools and plans.

Identify and develop your future leaders

Envision the entire workforce to create an optimal plan
for key roles to reduce talent vacancy costs and ensure a
smooth run of your business. Find, track, and compare
employees in order to identify and evaluate potential
successors for specific roles.

Reduce employee turnover with effective succession planning

Track Key Skills for the role

Enable continuous succession planning based on verified skills. Assess the potential of prospective successors against the role’s key competencies. With centralized visibility, you’ll always know where things stand and what learning is required to accelerate skill development.

Keep an Eye on the right match

Identify the potential and high-performing talent while nurturing their development and success. Shortlist employees from your organization that are likely to be an ideal match for the key role

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