The Changing Face of Ludhiana

Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka’s book ‘The One-Straw Revolution’ showed how it takes just a straw to start a revolution and bring about a radical challenge in a global system that supplies food to the world. However, it also had a bigger message: sometimes, it doesn’t take more than one person to bring about the said change. The observation also stands true for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and sometimes it takes just one entrepreneur to inspire another that can kickstart a chain reaction that enables them to climb the socio-economic ladder. Businesses are often inspired by their peers who have overcome adversity and succeeded, as it inspires them and convinces them that, despite the hurdles and tough days, there will come a day when they can be like the person they look up to. Here again, while many entrepreneurs are inspired by the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg, the allure of success stories from their own hometown remains unmatched. Because, the difficulties, obstacles, and opportunities share an uncanny resemblance.

This chain reaction has been clearly witnessed in Ludhiana as it has gone from a sleepy town to one of India’s finest industrial cities because of hard work, a few natural advantages, the willingness to expand on them, and a thriving export market.

Ludhiana has developed many industries in recent years, including cotton and textiles, steel industry, hosiery goods, and, most notably, bicycle industries. Many parts used in German cars, Mercedes, and BMW are manufactured exclusively in Ludhiana and exported to worldwide markets. Ludhiana’s apparel sector not only creates the world’s best winter brands but also provides employment to millions of people. As a result of its dominance in the textile industry, it is often dubbed as the “Manchester of India”.

Not only that, but Ludhiana also has a burgeoning IT sector with numerous software services and product firms establishing development centers in the city, shattering the stereotype that Ludhiana is solely for industries. Many large software companies frequently conduct placement drives in Ludhiana colleges and universities in order to recruit top talent. Many students with entrepreneurial qualities inherited from their families have tried their hand at software firms, which have proven to be successful in the city. Apps that we have only just heard of once are now offering their services through apps that can be accessed with a single click.

Therefore, Ludhiana is becoming a Smart City with smart people adopting smart technologies. BizMerlinHR, a similar seed that germinated in the United States, is currently spreading its roots in Ludhiana. We chose Ludhiana to thrive as it is a rapidly growing metropolitan city. Being an HR company, one must grasp the evolving difficulties of various types of businesses. To cope up with that, we widened our scope and reimagined new ways to bridge the difference from Ludhiana to businesses worldwide. This has been a key pillar of success for our leaders and employees.

Ludhiana was then a small town with mechanical shops. However, it is no longer limited to the manufacturing sector. It has widely opened its doors to various business sectors to set its foot down. The city’s big entrepreneurs are leaping into high-tech areas like electronics. Therefore, to call Ludhiana a world of opportunities would hardly be an exaggeration. The city has not only provided career opportunities but has also created role models who can help to strengthen bonds of goodwill, trust, a sense of camaraderie, and most importantly inspire others to overcome the odds. It seems Ludhiana will succeed in regulating growth and building up amenities to keep pace with the soaring demand for them that inspires us to bring more of our HR services to more people, no matter where they are. We are systematically integrating access strategies in how we research, develop, and deliver globally for all our new modules.

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