Quick Check-ins for Continuous Performance Management




Check-Ins facilitate managers and employees to stop the troublesome working, spot the barriers and work it out in a better way.

Bulk Launch Of Checkins

Bulk Launch Of Checkins

Launch Check Ins In batch for all your Direct reports

Multiple Aspects of assessment

Multiple Aspects of assessment

Examine items quantitatively or qualitatively or Both

Easy to use

Easy to use

Digital conversation tools that fits into your organisation

A3 Check-ins

Launch Check In Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace to stay in sync. It keeps you and your team engaged, informed and motivated.

Two-way Collaborative Space

BizMerlinHR provides a platform to easily integrate 1-on-1 conversations. Both you and your report can collaborate in real-time with a little structure that helps ensure a better flow.

Check-In Template Library

Set Up Check In quickly using predefined templates by BizMerlinHR as it is. Or Build a customized template for culture-approved conversations that can be used later also.

Clear Direction with Preset Agendas

A Predefined Agenda gives employees more direction on what to discuss. Both participants can contribute more efficiently with items that matter the most.

Customizable Scale Types

Choose your scale type for assessment depending on your department, organization, geography or role.

Easy, Quick and Streamlined Check-ins