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Company Wall #Feedback

Imagine a hallway with a LED continuously playing the feedback that each team member has received from their managers for their achievements.


Imagine the positive environment it creates; it is going to be a source of boundless motivation, energy and commitment.


And this is easier done than said – just sign up at BizMerlin and start using this feature almost instantly!


BizMerlin’s company wall Feedback Feature is a real showcase of your employees and their achievements. It is company’s Wall of Fame. Research clearly shows that giving continuous feedback motivates the team members to achieve higher levels of performance. More and more organizations are taking steps towards creating a feedback-oriented culture to create a positive environment of high performance.


To create an open, feedback-oriented culture, people need to be receptive to giving and receiving feedback, and to understand when and how to give it. Read our article on how to give feedback.

BizMerlin’s insta feedback allows managers to add new performance feedback for your team from the web app and mobile app.