Compensation Management

Compensation Management

Simplify the entire compensation cycle to reward employees in a fair and consistent way

Agile Management Tool

Automated Platform

Fast Implementation

Increment by Performance

Increment by Percent or Amount

Easy Budget Modelling

Limit Salary per Job Profile

Set Eligibility Rules

Streamline the Increment Process

Manage salary progressions with user-friendly and flexible structures that help managers to make objective decisions Forget consolidating tens of Excel files!

Optimize your time with automated consolidation for any number of budgets and currencies used in your organization.

Align Salary Changes Based on Performance Review

Make smarter compensation decisions with support tools by calculating accrual on the basis of performance review scores that help HRs oversee and drive the process.

Align compensation processes with business goals to make better employee-pay decisions.

Allocate Budget Effectively

Reward employees easily and fairly while staying within budget. Automatically flag out any proposal that falls out of the calibrated budgets and also see who may exceed maximum compensation, according to the salary grade for better structuring of the budget model.

Doing Increments in Batch Was Never So Easy!

Seamlessly distribute budget throughout the organization, let go of the manual process of maintaining spreadsheets. Automate the Process with BizMerlinHR’s Compensation management System that saves time by effectively managing rewards and compensation based on real-time insights that pay off in bulk.

Supplement your Compensation Management with Expense
Management and Performance Review

Managing your expenses has never been so easy

Control all your expenses by making permissions, reimbursements, and expenditures as simple as possible.

Expense Management

Evaluate and enhance employee performance

Increase employee productivity and reduce churn with a constant track of performance trends.

Performance Reviews

Trusted data and the intuitive software you need to make compensation decisions with confidence