Core HCM

Robust and Comprehensive HCM Solution

Automate | Extend | Configure

BizMerlinHR’s AI-powered and Hyper Configurable Human Capital Management Software for hire-to-retire lifecycle, including employee records, onboarding, PTO & attendance, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, etc.

Core HCM

Save HR managers' and employees' time and headspace to focus on real ventures
and problems they set off to solve

Intelligible iOS and Android mobile apps

Use native iOS and Android mobile apps to keep up with your “on the go” workforce.

Robust Integration

Robust data integrations with GSuite, Microsoft, Okta, DocuSign, Jira, Salesforce, and more.

Configurable Workflow

Configurable workflows with a wide range of step types and automatic operations.


Explore BizMerlinHR's Core HCM Solutions

Employee Self-Service

Empower employees to customize the records and untie HR staff from admin activities

  • Self-service portal.
  • Customizable user records.
  • PTO (Paid time off) management.
  • Comprehensive & flexible framework.
  • Seamless requests submission.
Employee Self-Service
Timesheets and Attendance

Timesheets and Attendance

An extensive & flawless personnel management system

  • Prompt clock-in and clock-out.
  • Effortless employee’s time spent tracking.
  • Simplified timesheet approvals.

Employee PTO/Leave Management

Easy and accurate time offs and leave management

  • Flawless leave management system.
  • Streamlined approval flows.
  • Comprehensive & advanced reporting.
Employee PTOLeave Management
Expense Management

Expense Management

Track and report business expenditures accurately

  • Automated expense management.
  • Effortless expense tracking.
  • Mobile-friendly expense reports.
  • Auto-scanning expense receipts.

Asset Management

Get rid of assigning and tracking assets manually

  • Effortless assets management.
  • Seamless assets tracking system.
  • Simplified asset identification through auto-generated barcode and QR code.
Asset Management
Employee Records

Employee Records

Share employees’ information seamlessly and securely with network

  • Well-sorted view of all your employee-related information.
  • Auto-generated org chart to illustrate employee’s hierarchical status.
  • Simplified forms building and workflows creation.
  • Single click bulk user record update.
  • Seamless integration with industry-leading software.

Manage entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to comprehensive employee records to performance management to team retention