Custom Workflows


One of the critical tasks in an HR team is to streamline processes. Using a paperless environment where you can update your employees’ data on the go reduces room for error, and also the time you’d waste on trying to sync your data at different places.

How BizMerlinHR can help you translate your processes

Workflows in BizMerlinHR can help you translate your processes into a list of tasks that you can assign to different users and track.

A typical example of such processes would be an onboarding workflow. Onboarding employees can be daunting when there are too many steps involved. With BizMerlinHR, you can automate routine tasks and delegate them to different people while you focus on nurturing relationships with your new hires.

What workflows look like in BizMerlinHR

Designing a workflow

Workflows can be broken down into phases in which you can add steps. In the image to the right, “First day on the job” is a phase and you can see 3 different steps under this phase.

Designing a Workflow
Add Any Number

Add any number of phases and steps on the workflow design page and use a simple drag-drop feature to rearrange them as desired.

The steps within workflows could range from simple tasks such as reading a document to tasks such as filling/signing a document electronically. As an example, the system will not only be able to assign a document to your new hires, they will also be able to e-sign it from within our system and it will be recorded.

Steps Within Workflows
Use the Parameters

Use the Parameters section when you want to dynamically pass values to a workflow and update your employees’ data on a conditional basis. Read more about how to leverage this feature here.

Assigning workflows

The system gives you the capability to assign workflows both individually and in bulk. Narrow down the bulk assignment to a specific department or location and launch at a later date.

Assigning workflows
Tracking progress

Tracking progress

And finally, monitor individual workflows to see their progress.

Find more details on workflows on our knowledge base page.