Employee Onboarding


Employee Onboarding

Make your employee onboarding experience seamless and memorable

Make a great first impression.
Every time.

An easy-to-navigate system that does everything.

Onboarding processes can be daunting for both you and your new employees.

BizMerlinHR makes onboarding a seamless experience for everybody involved. Need new employees to complete a training or e-sign some documents? Need to coordinate with different departments every time? We do it all for you.

An onboarding software that eases the transition of new hires
into their roles

Tailor-made for you

Set up your custom onboarding process in just a few clicks.

We understand your onboarding process could vary across departments and projects. With a range of features at your disposal, you can set up everything in a matter of minutes.

Tailor BizMerlinHR’s flexible employee workflow management solution to your onboarding needs.

Key Features

  • Run background checks and E-verify
  • E-Sign/E-Fill documents
  • Delegate task to different people
  • Send automated, customized emails
  • Assign trainings to new hires
  • Approve document uploads

Your productivity is our priority

Automated Workflows, Reminders, and Notifications.

Forget chasing after people or working through stacks of forms. With BizMerlinHR’s automated notification and reminder system in place, everyone knows what they need to do and by when.

Need to perform third-party verification of candidates before hiring them? Rely on BizMerlinHR’s RPA to do this without making a single call or sending any mail.

Best employee onboarding software

'We tried 5 different software solutions for customer onboarding. We are so glad we chose BizMerlin. Phew - gone are our days of cumbersome onboarding. BizMerlin is the best in this regard. Starting from electronic document signing, to system walk through and onboarding tasks, BizMerlin can do it all, and is the most user friendly system out there, hands down.'

- Ira Koreleva, HR Manager, Symphony LLC

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Structure an onboarding process in a way that makes your employee onboarding process an amazing, unforgettable experience

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