Employee Performance Management

Align Your Unique Business Needs with Performance Goals

All-in-one Solution for
Simplified Performance Management

BizMerlinHR provides you with a complete performance management solution, featuring insightful performance
reviews, smart goal management, instant feedback, and much more.

Enhance employee
performance to achieve excellence

Save time and effort with configurable HR solution

Paperless and effortless mobile experience to work from anywhere

Strengthen a Growth-driven Culture with an Effective
Performance Management System

Explore BizMerlinHR's Performance Management

Performance Reviews

Automate the process, and you’re good to go. No need to chase people.

  • Insightful Performance Review Dashboard
  • Reusable Performance Review Templates
  • Customizable Assessment Framework
  • 360 degree performance review
  • Bulk Performance Reviews
  • Automated Notifications and Reminders

Streamlined Check-Ins

Accelerate your team growth with one-on-one meetings

  • Check-in anytime & anywhere to stay in sync
  • Set up a check-in easily using reusable templates
  • Clear Direction with Preset Agendas
Instant feedback

Instant Feedback

Boost your morale to feed-forward

  • Start celebrating your team and their achievement by recognizing them on the feedback wall
  • Express through emojis and badges to make it fun and encouraging
  • Toss off feedback from anywhere & anytime through the mobile app

Goals Management

Accomplish what makes sense for your team

  • Earmark Goals to Your Team Members
  • Promote Peer-to-Peer Collaboration
  • Cascade child goals to track progress
  • Track Your Goals – Anytime, Anywhere!

Objectives and Key Results

Leverage OKRs to drive your company forward

  • Centralized Objectives Dashboard
  • Company-wide or department-specific target to achieve a common goal
  • Hyper configurable permissions to manage access
  • Track Progress – From Anywhere, at Anytime!

Compensation Management

Simplify the entire compensation cycle to reward employees in a fair and consistent way

  • Align Salary Changes Based on Performance Review
  • Allocate Budget Effectively and fairly
  • Manage rewards and compensation based on real-time insights that pay off in bulk
  • Manage increment process with user-friendly and flexible structures

Let’s build a better workplace.
Foster a culture of growth and excellence