Employee PTO/Leave Management System

Employee Leave Management

Employee PTO/Leave Management System

Paid Time off the BizMerlinHR way: Easy and Accurate

Leave Management System

Forget spreadsheets and paperwork; BizMerlinHR handles requests and approves them digitally, then tracks them in the shared calendar and reports. Create any PTO policies, including such (Annual Leave, Work from Home), & allow your employees to request time off on a single day, multiple days, or in hours from wherever they want by using mobile or web apps.

Employee Leave Management
Holidays and Week Off Calendar

Shared Calendar

Users can view various events, such as Workshop, Training, Interviews, Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, Google Events, and All Leaves, to keep everyone in the loop. Users can view Holiday Calendar assigned to them & Users with permission Manage Holiday Calendar can create and assign calendars to different users. Ideal for offices that have offices in multiple locations & rely on a shared calendar.

Self-Service for Employees

Every employee can check their balance, request time off, and see who is away.

Self-Service for Employees
Custom Approval Flows

Custom Approval Flows

Set up custom approval flows and accept time-off requests.

Comprehensive Reports

Create detailed time off reports. Generate progress reports on data for individuals and teams.

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Key Features

  • Create unlimited time off policies
  • Create custom policy rules
  • Add custom fields Request & approve time off from mobile app
  • Customise time off approvers
  • Advanced reporting
  • Automated reports sent directly to accountant
  • Full change history

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