Employee Records Management Software

Employee Records

Comprehensive Employee Records

Manage all your employee data efficiently and effectively in a centralized system

Managing Employee Records Just Got Easier

Go paperless with all the employee records organized in one place and ensure timely compliance and record privacy with fewer internal resources.

Managing Employee Records BizMerlin
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Model Your Workforce

Don’t waste your precious time creating an org chart. With our software, you can create an org chart in a few minutes. Simply upload your employee information and your org chart is ready. Yes, it’s that easy.

A comprehensive software that manages all your employee data on the go

Safely Upload All Your Documents to Cloud Storage

Safely upload documents directly from your machine or through Dropbox.

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Visualization Gives You Answers to Questions You Didn’t Know You Had

Create customized reports with our report designer to identify trends and inform your decision-making processes.

Customizable Look and Feel

Feature your logo and your company colors so that everything feels like home.

Customizable BizmerlinHR
Configure BizMerlinHR

Configure Things the Way You Like

Configure the employee records to track information that is relevant for your organization with easy custom sections and custom fields (dropdown menus, checkboxes, dates, and more).

Increase Productivity With BizMerlinHR Integrations

Integrate with other systems and provide a consistent user experience to your entire workforce.

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Allow employees to manage their data

Let your employees view their own schedules, check payroll, clock in and out, adjust timesheets, change their personal information, and more.


Set goals that are realistic for your team

With the goal setting and tracking module, you can set and track SMART goals that are aligned with business objectives.


Shape your career plan

Give your employees the visual roadmap they need to navigate your organization’s advancement opportunities to ​effortlessly map skills and behavior.


Leverage an effortless and fully automated employee record management system