Employee Records

Because Employee Records are so much more than file keeping
Experience employee profiles that help you boost people’s growth, talent, and value with accurate data and a flexible and secure database

  • Comprehensive Employee Profile designed to boost engagement and growth

  • Self Service Employee Portal

  • PTO & Leave Management with automated balances, easy requests and approvals

  • Centralized Employee Document Storage

  • Electronic Document Signature

  • Flexible and Customizable – create sections, custom fields or tags and adjust access and permissions

  • Unlimited Workflows and Tasks delivered to the inbox

  • Social Feeds for Employee Engagement

At-a-glance view of Employee Profile

Electronic Signature &
Document Storage:

Store all relevant documents
right in the employee profile

Unlimited Workflows & Tasks:
Assign workflows and
tasks, and their progress for easy
follow up

Time Off – Do not disturb!

Follow what goals people are
working on! You might want to
chime in!

Celebrate colleagues as they are
being acknowledged for their
good work through instant

Understand peoples’ expertise
and skills, you might want to
recruit them for your next