Employee Records Management Software

At-a-glance view of Employee Profile

Employee Records by BizMerlinHR

HR professionals not only need to save a lot of historical and current employee information but also need to access it anytime, from anywhere. BizMerlinHR is a cloud-based HRMS that offers a lot of flexibility in employee records data collection and reporting.

Electronic Signature & Document Storage

HR professionals can create custom fields to store as much information as possible, not just essential for compliance but also for employee engagement. With Docusign (electronic signature), HR professionals save time, money and paper by delivering pre-filled forms and collecting digital signatures for all employee documents.

Employee Records Software

Unlimited Workflows & Tasks


Assign workflows and tasks, and their progress for easy follow up.

Hassle free Paid Time Off Management

Using our employee paid time off software is simple and intuitive by design. Create your own approval process. When an employee makes a PTO request, the approvers gets notifications via email, mobile, and their BizMerlinHR inbox.

At a single glance, find who all in the team would also be taking off! The system notifies the employee and updates their balance automatically, so work can continue with minimal interruption.

Hassle free Paid

Know your team and achieve goals together


Employees align their individual goals to these organizational objectives, which improves their understanding of their contribution to the company success.

Make it a team effort by adding collaborators to the goals. Associate the skills with the goals, so when the team members accomplish the goal, the skills get added to their profiles!

Appreciate each acheivment, each success!

Celebrate colleagues as they are being acknowledged for their good work through instant feedback. Leave a private comment or post it on their wall.

Give them a badge that they can show off!

Feedback Software

Generate more power in the organization with real-time Competency Management


Bridge the gap between your organization’s demands by understanding your people, understanding your business and bridging the gaps.

Our easily enabled Skill Matrix  enables HR Teams, managers and business leaders to quickly audit, identify and find skilled employees by skills and competencies with ease to meet job, client or project requirements.

Centralized Employee Records for Access Anytime

  • Employee Profiles

    Comprehensive Employee Profile designed to boost engagement and growth

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    Self Service Employee Portal

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    PTO & Leave Management with automated balances, easy requests and approvals

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    Centralized Employee Document Storage

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    Electronic Document Signature

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    Flexible and Customizable – create sections, custom fields or tags and adjust access and permissions

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    Unlimited Workflows and Tasks delivered to the inbox

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    Social Feeds for Employee Engagement