Dynamic Org Chart

Dynamic Org Chart

Enable your team to see who they report to and collaborate with

Beautifully Showcase Your Organization

Auto generated org chart graphically illustrates employee’s hierarchical status relative to other individuals within the company, showcasing the various positions, departments, and responsibilities that connect the company’s employees to each other and to the management team.


Give Your Company a Bird's-eye View

  • Each employee’s profile contains a link to their personal information, letting you to find more about them.
  • View your org chart in two different views(Hybrid & Tree).
  • Minimize the view of your org chart for the specific person using advanced search.

Generate an organizational chart directly from the user data

Extensible Design

Leverage the user data available in BizMerlinHR to automatically render the org chart.  Automatically updates the page when a user is added or removed from an org unit.  Print or save your org chart as a PDF.

Design a Succession Plan

Design a Succession Plan

Make completely sure that your organization is future-ready. We help you find a better approach to identify essential roles, people with the relevant skills, and positions that may need to be filled quickly.

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