HR Service Delivery

HR Service Delivery

Personalize and streamline your employee service delivery

Manage employee requests via self-help ticket support system

Serve your employees better and faster

Handle employee inquiries and requests at one place. Respond instantly to employees’ requests, track HR cases, and manage complex cross-departmental activities.

Drive sustainable employee engagement

With BizMerlinHR Service delivery platform, fundamentally increase employee engagement, foster loyalty and organizational performance. Hear new productive ideas and make employees feel more valued, respected and more committed to the organization.

Boost your organization’s Net Promoter Score

By engaging all your employees and converting them into super engaged team members, dramatically increase your organization’s eNPS. Track organizational goals such as employee engagement, turnover rates, training costs, productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost per hire.

Why choose BizMerlinHR service delivery?

What comes next after hiring?

Turn your new hires into productive employees of the organization with a seamless and welcoming onboarding experience


Organize all of your employee information in one place

Organize and centralize your HR database, eliminate the need for paperwork and make it available to you whenever you need it.


A complete & automated solution for managing leaves

Streamline all the key areas of leave allocation, tracking, managing, and granting/rejecting leaves with employee self-leave tracking features.