How can I use this System?

The system is very user friendly and easy to use, you can look at the top right corner of your screen and you will see your Profile icon. In your profile, on the left side, you will see some tabs – Info, Docs, Workflows, Leaves, etc.

Also, please feel free to visit this page for any articles on how to use the system https://www.bizmerlin.com/articles/.

What’s different about BizMerlinHR?

We believe that great companies are built on a great employee experience. That’s why we created the first HR platform employees love to use. If you’re on a PEO or a legacy system, your people don’t have modern technology that empowers them to do their best work. They probably aren’t logging in at all. BizMerlinHR changes all that. 75% of our clients say BizMerlinHR has increased employee engagement, and 72% say BizMerlinHR has made its employees more Productive.

Can your system handle 100 employees? 1000 employees? 1000+employees?

BizMerlinHR serves mid-sized companies—ranging from 100 employees to thousand plus—in just about every industry and every state nationwide. We love mid-sized companies because you’re mission-driven, client-obsessed, and you care deeply about your employees. Just like us.
So whether you’re a one-person HR team in need of a helping hand (hello, Managed Services) or a larger team looking for a platform everyone loves (from your benefits specialist to your CFO), we’ve got you covered.

Isn’t switching systems a headache?

It’s easier than you might think. We’ve helped almost 1,000 companies implement BizMerlinHR successfully. Whether you’re switching from a legacy system, moving off a point solution, or leaving a PEO, implementation typically takes 8-12 weeks, and our specialists will guide you through each step of the process. Our clients’ advice? “Don’t wait. As your company grows, the implementation only becomes more complex”.

Will my employees log into BizMerlinHR?

Most do! 78% of employees log in to BizMerlinHR at least once per month. BizMerlinHR shares its look and feels with the popular social networks your employees already use, so they can get started right away. And because employees can request PTO, appreciate peers, and more, they spend just as much time on BizMerlinHR as they do on Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s a dream come true for those who never thought they’d hear “self-serve” and “HR” in the same sentence.

Will I really save time?

About 11 hours per week, if you’re like our average client. That’s the power of all-in-one: we give you back the hours you used to spend keeping HR, payroll, and benefits in sync. Plus, BizMerlinHR allows employees to answer their HR questions before they even think to ask you, and it gives your leadership team direct access to the data they need. With BizMerlinHR, HR stops being the complaint department. You get to focus on strategy, culture, and all the other important things you’ve been meaning to tackle.

What service do you provide?

We have an open API and integrate with many software systems out of the box.

Is BizMerlinHR deployed on-premise or on Cloud only? OR Is your software cloud/web/desktop/mobile-based?

BizMerlinHR is a cloud-based solution that integrates with many software systems out of the box.

How to create a Trial account here?

By clicking on the “free trial” on the top right corner your account would be created, and it will take you to the free trial sign up page or can navigate from the given link here:https://marketplace.bizmerlin.net/bmone/signup.

Where to report a Bug?

BizMerlinHR is a breeze, but if you ever need to report a bug, You can follow the following process:

  • Click on View/Open Tickets under the help icon.
  • Then, Click on New Ticket.
  • Add the Subject, Description, and Priority.
  • Select Bug as a Type.
  • Click on Save ticket to report the bug.

Getting errors while uploading User’s Photos?

The issue arises due to the following:

  • When the user canceled the request.


  • Went to another page before the page loaded etc.

Language and Preferences

How do I reset my BizMerlin Password?

By going to our Profile we can go to “My Preferences Scroll down to “My Preferences”
You can save your language preferences from here.

How can I change the language?

Go to your profile photo on the top right corner.
Scroll down to “My Preferences”
You can save your language preferences from here.

Pricing Structure

What is the Pricing structure of BizMerlinHR?

Pricing is determined by two criteria in our software: the first is the “Number of Employees or Users,” and the second is determined by the “Modules of Interest.” You can get a personalized pricing quote by filling out the form here.

Does BizMerlin have a Payroll Module?

BizMerlinHR works with a number of different payroll services. BizMerlinHR allows you to process new payrolls and access previous payroll runs via integrations. Payroll and Compensation Management is listed under the Setup menu in the Payroll Module.

Does BizMerlinHR provide proof of concept/proof of value?

Yes, we provide our customers with a no-risk proof of value with full support.  During this proof of value process, you will be able to confirm as well as quantify the value that the system brings to your specific organization. This proof of value is your organization’s no-risk approach to trying out a new system.  We understand that this proof of value implementation is a significant investment of time and effort on both sides, and your account management team will work with you to ensure that the proof of value system can be readily rolled out to the full implementation.

What support options does BizMerlinHR provide?

All of our customers enjoy our award-winning 24X7 chat support. In addition, each customer is assigned a personal account manager who will provide customized service, implementation support for setting up their application, and support for handling queries.

Is the system scalable?

BizMerlinHR is inherently scalable.  Whether you start with one hundred employees or want to jump to many thousands of employees, BizMerlinHR has customers, processes, and experience to handle your dynamic needs.

What is the subscription period?

You have the choice of signing up for an annual membership, a three-year membership, or a five-year membership. For new customers, the annual membership is the most popular option. A 3-year or 5-year membership is most prevalent after the second year.

Is there a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, all qualified non-profit organizations receive a 40% discount. Please contact us for more information.

When and how is the software upgraded? Is there any charge for upgrades?

BizMerlinHR is a fast-paced software development company, and we have regular releases that may include enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. As a solution, BizMerlinHR has just one version, and we’re always innovating and upgrading to make it even better. We mention the communication in our “What’s New” newsletter and on our website as well. So all we ask is that you bookmark the What’s New page so you can keep track of what’s new.

What do you do to keep my company’s data secure?

BizMerlinHr places a high priority on data security. Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Infrastructure is used to deliver our HR management service to you. Your data is stored in an encrypted database on an Amazon datacenter virtual private server. We use multiple layers of security to ensure the safety of your data.

To protect your data and securely deliver our HR management system to you, we use the best technology combined with Amazon’s world-class cloud service.

What implementation support does BizMerlin provide?

The customer success team at BizMerlinHR will collaborate with you to establish an implementation strategy and compose an implementation team. Your account manager, 1-3 specialized implementation consultants, and a key executive from the BizMerlinHR team generally make up the implementation team. Your account manager will work with you to ensure that appropriate team assistance is available, as well as keeping you informed about pricing and timeframes.

Is it easy to get started?

Each organization is unique, as are the implementation processes. Each account is assigned a dedicated account manager who discusses and walks through potential implementation schedules, as well as advantages such as a dedicated account manager, live chat, and our detailed, easy-to-understand knowledge library, weekly meetings, and touchpoints.

Do I get a dedicated account manager?

Yes, each account has its own account manager. We strongly encourage all of our clients to communicate with their account managers on a regular basis regarding any feature requests, enhancements, or HR-related questions. As your allocated account manager, you will receive assistance with implementation support, addressing your issues, and scheduling weekly demos, among other things.

What are the training options?

You can choose to get training via web/phone.  A certain number of training credits will be included by default in your subscription contract.


You can also choose to get “in person” training. Our certified trainer can travel to your site or provide training over the web.

What are the Terms of Service?

Use of BizMerlinHR is governed under the BizMerlinHR Terms of Service.

Third Party Integrations

Which other applications do you integrate with?

HRIS, personnel records, and onboarding, benefits, workforce planning, competence, and succession planning — to mention a few – are all handled by BizMerlinHR. You may also look at our pre-built integrations on our integrations website. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you may use our secure API to create your own integration. We’re a completely transparent HR platform.

Do you integrate with Docusign?

Currently, BizMerlinHR does not integrate with DocuSign But it’s planned under the roadmap. We integrate with Hellosign.

What are the SSO options?

BizMerlinHR provides several SSO options like AzureAD, Gsuite, Okta.

Do you provide multi-factor authentication?

Currently, BizMerlinHR is not providing multi-factor authentication. But it’s planned under the roadmap.

How do we integrate with your software?

Yes, you can fill out the Partnership Form for the integration.

Does BizMerlin have a LinkedIn integration that allows you to import profiles from LinkedIn?

Yes, with BizMerlinHR you can add the profiles directly from Linkedin with our New feature “Capture Candidate”.


Where do add a new employee (staff) profile with personal particulars on BizMerlin?

Go to “People”< “Directory” < “New Person”

Do you have an annual increase management module as part of your platform?

Yes, we have this module under our part compensation management and line management module.


How do I assign a Workflow to a User?

Go to the “Profile of that user” in the “Workflow Tab” you can assign a “New Workflow” to that user.

How do I create a Workflow?

In the “Setup menu,” you can select “Forms, Workflow, Forms” and that under Workflows, you can create a “New Workflow”

Can we schedule a workflow for the future?

Yes, while assigning a workflow select later and provide the date and time when to start the workflow. Learn more


How do we invite a candidate to the job board?

Under the Hiring module by going to the action tab you can invite a candidate to the job board.

How do we invite a candidate to the job board?

Under the Hiring module by going to the action tab you can invite a candidate to the job board.

Can we convert a candidate to employee?

Yes, On opening a candidate profile, Click on Generate Employee Record. Learn more

Is it possible for us to recommend a candidate for a specific position?

Yes, open one particular position and click on the “Refer a Candidate”. Learn more 

Document Library

What is the Process to delete a Document from the Document Library?

Move to the “Document Library”< “Edit Document”< “Delete Permanently”.

Is it possible to restrict access to a document to specific users?

Yes, by creating a new folder in the document library with specific access and adding the document to it, or by adding the individual document with specific access in the user profile under the docs tab.

What is the process to archive a document?

Go to People > Document Library > Edit a document > Archive document.

Timesheets & Leave Management

How do we track Attendance?

Yes, our software has all configurable functionalities in it one of them is “My Time-cards” you can track your daily attendance by just clicking on our “Clock in and Clock out” feature.

How will the system manage the Night Shifts?

Depending upon the clock in and clock out time.

How will the system track time for Night Shifts?

The system will consider the clock in time for the timecard. Example: If you clocked in on Monday at 11 PM and clocked out on Tuesday at 7 AM. Then it will consider the total time between the clock in and clock out and will be displayed on Monday only.

Can we restrict users to log time in allocated projects only?

Users can be restricted to log time in allocated projects only. To do this:

Navigate to Settings- > Calendars, Timecards & PTO/Leave-> Timecards. Enable toggle for Allow timecards for allocated projects only.

How to approve a Leave Request?

It depends on the “Admin Access” setting. If a user is using software with admin access then He/She can approve one’s Leave by navigating to “Manage Leave Requests”.

Performance Management

Can we update performance reviews in bulk?

Yes, under performance, go to all reviews and select bulk updates. Learn more

Can we create performance reviews in a batch?

Yes, go to all reviews under performance and click New Performance Review, then Batch.

How to sign a Performance Review?

Once you proceed with your review and submit it for Signatures, then by going to “Reviews to Sign” you can sign its assigned review.

Can we assign points while giving feedback?

Add the badge with the equivalent points while giving feedback. Learn more


Can your software assist with setting up company goals?

Yes, while creating a New Goal, there is a field where you can mark it as “Company-Wide Goal” then it would set up in the company goals. Learn more

Can your software assist with setting up Individual goals?

BizMerlinHR has highly configurable features to create both Company/Organization as well as Individual Goals. Learn more

How does your system show reporting or progress make on goals etc?

When a Reviewer or Collaborator will make any reviews in the Goals then our Software automatically sends an email notification to that Goal Owner. Learn more

Can collaborators also Review the Goal?

Yes, a collaborator can also review that goal by sliding the bar.

What is the role of a collaborator and a reviewer in a Goal?

While creating a goal, the user can also choose one collaborator with whom he/she can collaborate to complete that particular goal. But the reviewer’s role is only to review that Goal and add comments to it.

What should be the Initial Value for Goal?

When you create a goal, you need to fill in the initial value and target value.  If an organization is expanding their employee count from 30 to 70, in that case, the Initial Goal Quantity would be 30 and the target goal quantity would be 70.

Special consideration for countdown goals: In the case of countdown goals,  the initial value is greater than the target value and the progress is in reverse order. 

Example 3 (Countdown goal): If an organization has to clear out pending customer tickets from 100 to 0, then the initial value of “pending customer tickets” is 100, and the target value is 0.  This is an example of a countdown goal.

Skills & Trainings

Can we assign assessment tests for the Employees in Training?

Yes, when a user will start that training under that we have a feature of “Course and Certification” in which the “Assessment Test” is already established. Learn more

Can we get training from any kind of LMS?

Yes, a user can synchronize training with TalentLMS.

Can we assign a coordinator to training?

Yes, while assigning training to users, you can assign a coordinator.

Can we get recommendations to get a skill level?

Yes, If a user lacks the target level So they will be recommended some training which will increase their skill level and help them to achieve the target level. Learn more

Can we create multiple skills at once?

Yes, a user can import skills from an excel file. Learn more

Public Surveys

Can we create Public Surveys in BizMerlinHR? Or How do I create a survey with a few questions for employees?

Yes, BizMerlinHR is providing Public Surveys. You can create Public Surveys very easily in BizMerlinHR.

Awards and Badges

Can we assign badges to employees in this software? OR Can we upload a custom badge?

Yes, you can use the badges from the library or upload new badges and then assign the badges to employees under various modules such as in awards, Feedback, etc.