Global HRIS

Global HRIS

BizMerlinHR - Custom Built HRIS for Global Organizations

Key Considerations for a Global HRIS

Global HRIS systems connect and manage all the HRIS requirements of multiple countries from one place.

This includes people management data, performance of employees, skills they worked on, different projects, hiring management, processing and much more. Global HRIS automates all the core HRIS capabilities on a consistent basis worldwide.

Handle Regional and Country Specific Processes

Define separate workflows for different countries, locations and org units. These workflows can consist of different phases, tasks with different checklists, and deadlines.

These workflows assign and narrow down by selecting the location at global level. Workflow also provides access to the global library, which is used for accessing details at multi-county level, here you can import workflows into your own account and then modify them to best suit your organization.

New Announcements

Make Announcements Globally, or Country by Country

Using BizMerlinHR Announcement module, you can send announcements globally, or limit them to a specific office, location, org unit etc. Location dropdown gives flexibility to choose and make news available to a specific country. This makes it easier for employees to find the relevant information.

Support Your Global Hiring Practices

Using BizMerlinHR, you can define different hiring practices at global level with different sets of customized details. Create separate position approval flows, separate assessment templates, custom flows for offer letters, and more.

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