Smart Goals



“Accomplish what makes sense for your team”

Clear | Interactive | Collaborative

Boost employee satisfaction, engagement, results and productivity with intuitive and interactive SMART goal tracking

Quick Goal Creation

Quick Goal Creation

Set SMART goals For your company in a flash

Individual / Company goals

Individual / Company goals

Align your workforce towards Company-wide Goalposts



See employee into clean charts and dashboards

Notifications & Reminders

Notifications & Reminders

Reminders and notifications keep informed of updates

Track your Goals - Anytime, Anywhere!

Effortlessly create, manage and track progress of employees with convenient and mobile-friendly goal tracking and alignment ios and android apps.

Earmark goals to your team members

Managers and employees can assign and cascade multiple goals right inside our goal management software to various Departments, Personal Cross departments, or Team Goals.

Promote Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

A visual representation of which individual, team, and organizational objectives are working towards a specific goal to be ahead of the competition.

Tally progress Insights

This provides executives, management and team members the understanding of not just how you’re doing, but where you’re going that aids to support the accountability your team needs for great achievements.

Increase Employee Engagement

Get everyone on the same page by monitoring goal progress, reviewing documents, and giving comments. Use these insights to adjust resources and change direction, all while keeping your eyes on the big picture.

Distribution of Goals

Rather than working for bigger goals, child goals make you stronger and helps you decide what needs to get done next to progress to achieve the big, audacious parent goal you have planned.