How to crack the BizMerlinHR technical interview

Hiring Process at BizMerlinHR

While the process differs slightly with location and for different roles or teams, the same basics apply whether you’re applying for a tech job or a marketing job, an internship or a leadership position. Not all of these may apply for your role, but here are some of the ways we assess candidates in our hiring process:

Step 1: Online Assessments / Pre-Screening

These are especially very important for our entry level positions, that you are asked to take our attitude and aptitude test. These tests have basic questions to assess your basic mathematics and language skills. For some roles, we also ask our candidates to take a brief online assessment, like a coding quiz where you write a code snippet and/or explain the logic to solve a puzzle.

Step 2: Short Informal Interviews with Recruiting Team

Before diving into more in-depth interviews, you’ll typically have one or two short conversations over phone or video. These will usually be with a recruiting team member to assess the fit between you and the organization. Remember – these are no trick questions, so be honest with the recruiter and with yourself 🙂 These are usually subjective questions and assessments, so we do not expect a yes or no answer. Explain yourself gracefully with your long-term and short-term goals

Step 2.5: Portfolio

Our design and technical candidates may be asked to submit their portfolio link or code repository link to evaluate the level of experience. You can submit your github account, or figma portfolio.

Step 3: Technical Interview

These interview rounds focus on the position and the roles and responsibilities that you are going to handle. So the interviewers will be focused on the skill sets that you have mentioned in the resume. These interview rounds have the rubriks and assessment attached so the interviewer will be making a numerical assessment against the required skills. They will also be adding their subjective assessments and noting down everything special they notice about you. Genuine smiles and gestures – do count 🙂

Step 4: Closing HR Round

If you have made it to this round, please give yourself a pat on the back, because our statistics indicate that only 33% of our candidates reach here. If you have made it till here, there is something in you that differentiates you from other candidates!!
All of the salary negotiations and joining dates will be discussed in this round. All the accommodation discussions can also be initiated here.