Impelemtation Guide

BizMerlinHR’s Implementation Guide

Configuring BizMerlinHR for your organization

  • Look & Feel: Logo & Color Scheme
  • Define the context of your organization: define some basics like: departments, locations, general profiles and roles – Creating these in advance will help optimize the process of creating/importing new users later.
  • Setup Custom Sections & Fields – Customize BizMerlinHR to your specific information needs: want to track emergency contacts, license numbers,… you name it. Depending on your specific needs, this can take from 2 minutes to a couple of hours… You can take a look now, and create custom fields later as you go.
  • Manage Access and Permissions: make sure your employees see only what is relevant to them and customize the level of access and permissions to functions and information.
  • Create or Import Users: create your employee records. You can invite them to use the platform right away as well, or delay the invitation for a later time.

Guiding Your Advanced Design

  • Custom object architecture
  • Visual workflow
  • Agile methodologies
  • Customized process, workflows and policies

Org Health Guidance and Assessments

  • Cases, account, and contact objects
  • Record types and page layouts
  • Profiles and roles
  • App rationalization
  • Assignment and escalation rules
  • Milestones and entitlements

Release Roadmap Champion

  • Release mgt. and governance
  • Advanced channel deployments like Live agent,
    Social Customer Studio, and Live Message
  • Build out Proof-of-Concept (POC) solutions in Sandbox

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