Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback

Performance Feedback & Kudos

Boost your morale to feed-forward

Integrate with Skills

Integrate with Skills

Every feedback you give can be linked to any specific skill

Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

View detailed insights of feedback in a click

Notifications & Reminders

Notifications & Reminders

Never lose track of any feedback

Express Through Emojis and Badges

Express Through Emojis and Badges

BizMerlinHR makes giving feedback fun and encouraging at the same time. Having an effective feedback tool offers a vital opportunity for staff motivation and growth.

Strengthen a growth-driven culture with instant feedback

Toss off Feedback on the Go!

With the quick and easy implementation of feedbacks via iOS and android supported apps, you can share feedback whenever it is needed.

Toss off Feedback on the Go
Feedback is a Superpower

Feedback is Superpower

With a dedicated section for feedback and recognition, you’ll be able to keep track of big and small achievements at a glance and recognize the work that contributes to the company’s success.

Show on the Wall What Matters to you!

Review feedback before embracing it and control the visibility of the feedback to those who can see it.

Show on the Wall What Matters to you

Supplement your Feedback with Performance Reviews,
Skill Management and Training

Evaluate and enhance employee performance

Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills.

Performance Review

What you focus on will grow

Access, track and report each employee’s skills and competencies all in one place with an agile skill management tool

Skill Management

Drive development with trainings

Analyze delicacies of the team, empower them with the knowledge and skills through trainings

Training & Development

Meaningful | Frequent | Actionable

Start celebrating your team and their achievements!