Instant Feedback

Meaningful | Frequent | Actionable

Strengthen a growth driven culture with instant feedback that keeps people motivated, engaged and committed. Never miss the opportunity to celebrate a colleague for a job well done! – Be it a meeting, an event, a presentation, a proposal or a deal!
Send your feedback and share on individual, team or company walls!

Because frequent, agile feedback builds more engaged, growing talent

Relevant and actionableBecause a single meaningful insight can drive powerful growth
Frequent and timelyInsights when you need them: right after that meeting, that report…
From your desk or on the goConvenient with native iOS and Android Applications
Integrated with skillsComments that close the loop with skill assessments
Make it fun and socialShare with social feeds, ‘walls of fame’ and ‘company walls’
Strengthen a culture of growthCelebrate achievements, acknowledge your team

Rejoice in your team’s achievements

Feedback software

So the small and big achievements are never forgotten, check them out at the feedback wall!

Make sure the boss knows!

Make sure your acknowledgments never go unnoticed and share them in the public walls and through targeted notifications

Feedback software

Close the feedback loop!


And every feedback you give can be linked to any specific skill, so when the time to update skill assessments and performance cycle comes, all those great feedback comments are available