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Best Practices for making the most out of BizMerlinHR

People Focus

1. Make BizMerlinHR part of your onboarding process. When a new team member joins, assign them the default “Onboarding” workflow in BizMerlinHR, so they can learn how to use the system. Feel free to customize the “Onboarding” workflow as per your organization.

2. BizMerlinHR should be your single “People” repository. You can have employees, part-timers, interns, contractors, advisors, etc. in BizMerlinHR. If you need to add a data field for People that BizMerlinHR doesn’t seem to support, make use of the Custom Field feature.

3. Create People Tags, Locations and Departments that help you visualize your organization as it grows.

Performance Focus

4. Create weekly goals, not annual or 6-month goals. Those goals should come later, after a few months of usage.

5. Encourage everyone that they have to give feedback at least every week. They can give feedback to their reports, their managers, their peers, anyone. But get that process started. And get them to focus on “positive” feedback at first. It is an art to give negative feedback and comes with practice and maturity. So, for starters, get everyone to give positive feedback.

6. Use the company wall as your starting place for company meetings to highlight the positive feedbacks given in the organization.

Recruitment Focus

7. Ensure all candidates are saved in BizMerlinHR, and nowhere else. If a candidate just has a name and resume, let that be it. (Resumes are searchable in BizMerlinHR!)

Other Goodies

8. Even if your company has just 5 assets, track them in BizMerlinHR. Soon you will find that your company has other assets too 🙂

9. Use announcements periodically to build your company culture.

10. Use your “Who’s Off” calendar to visualize who is working and who is off.

And a bonus element

Use workforce management to visualize who is working on which project.

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