Manage HR Tasks Easily

Manage HR Tasks Easily

Enable your HR team to do more with less, all from one unified platform

Manage all your HR tasks easily, from managing simple to-do lists to helping teams work and collaborate better. Enhance your productivity by utilizing the services like notification inbox, automatic alerts, project management, and so on.

Assign and Track the Entire Life Cycle of the Task

Keep all of your task details in one place to streamline your workflow and give your team the tools they need to succeed.

  • View team workloads and delegate tasks effectively.
  • Trace exactly which activities are started, in progress and done with.
  • Set task start and due dates.
  • Filter tasks for personalization.

Visually Arrange & Track Team’s Workflow

  • Workflow: Keep an eye on specific workflows to see how they’re progressing.
  • Gantt: Visually represent a project plan over time using a gantt chart.
  • Kanban: Use the Kanban board view to monitor how your candidates are moving through the selection process in real time.

Spend your time completing tasks rather than managing them

Get Instant Notifications

Notifications and reminders make task management even better as they keep you on alert and can save you from overspending much time.

  • Get email reminders when a task status changes.
  • Notification Inbox lets you view and manage all your notifications in one place.

Document Management

  • Files can be quickly and easily attached to the tasks being managed.
  • BizMerlin allows you to organise files into separate folders, archive them, or you can also access our global library.
  • Upload your files to our safe cloud storage.
Upload asset document directly

Manage Your Workforce Like Never Before

  • View your team’s workload at a glance.
  • Track your logs and create a concise overview of all project activities.
  • View over and underutilized team members to generate accurate projections for the entire workforce.

Supplement the entire lifecycle of each request by ticket resolution

  • Prioritize and resolve your employee requests such as
  • technical errors,
  • new updates,
  • compensation questions etc
    through the ticket-support system to ensure that your employees have the right support of their choice for any issue or query.
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