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The Business APAC’s Top 10 CEOs of 2020

Dr. Amrinder Arora: Crafting Contemporary HR Products


An HCM solution cannot be called “modern” if it cannot give you insights that you never knew could be extracted,” says Dr. Arora. Prior to co-founding BizMerlinHR, he had extensive experience in consulting engagements. Over the years, he has managed to integrate his experience and talent to build numerous products. Currently,  8 Million plus people have been using his envisioned and designed products daily.

The Business APAC’s – Dec 2020

Top 10 CEO's
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BizMerlinHR Announces Major Expansion with a Strong Global Customer Footprint

BizMerlinHR Furthers Growth Plans with Extensive Hiring and Office Expansion

AI powered HR and HCM system, BizMerlinHR is closing 2019 fast and strong with major office expansion and widespread customer expansion across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

PR Newswire Association LLC – Dec 2019

Career Planner by BizMerlinHR Enhances Employee Experience to a New Level

BizMerlinHR adds AI-driven Career Planner to Cohesive Suite of Talent Management Solutions

AI powered HCM system, BizMerlinHR, has added Career Planner to its rich suite of talent management applications. Career Planner not only enables organizations to create their own career pathways but also empowers employees to assess their skill gaps and identify training resources to reach their next level.

PR Newswire Association LLC – Dec 2019

PR Newswire Association LLC

BizMerlinHR: A Comprehensive AI-Enabled HCM For Fast-Growing Companies

Every fast-growing organization needs a robust and AI-enabled HCM solution in order to hire, onboard engage, and retain their team of exceptional. They need to do it in a landscape where the work assignment is short-lived and dynamic, while the strategic definition of talent and success itself is evolving.

Insights Success | Feb. 2020

BizMerlinHR: A Comprehensive AI-Enabled HCM For Fast-Growing Companies

Every fast-growing organization needs a robust and AI-enabled HCM solution in order to hire, onboard engage, and retain their team of exceptional. They need to do it in a landscape where the work assignment is short-lived and dynamic, while the strategic definition of talent and success itself is evolving.

Insights Success | Feb. 2020


Business APAC Marvelous Leaders in HR, 2020

I have come to realise a fundamental truth which is that there have to be right leaders leading in the right way. So, that’s the kind of impact I sought to create. I think I have been lucky to work for a company that believes in the possibilities for its people. I love doing what I am doing at BizMerlinHR and I am thrilled by the possibilities in the future.

Business APAC – Jan. 2020

BizMerlinHR is one of the top employers of choice for 250 students graduating out of GNDEC

BizMerlinHR provides the opportunity to work in the best and the latest technology with salary and benefits packages beyond comparison in Ludhiana. BizMerlinHR, led by Amrinder Arora,  Soneeka Arora – both from Ludhiana – takes pride in nurturing the talent from Ludhiana.

BizMerlinHR | The Tribune | Jan 5th, 2020

250 students get jobs


BizMerlinHR partners with StratAfrique to provide HR solutions in Ghana

Ghanaian management consultancy StratAfrique has entered a strategic partnership with global HR software provider BizMerlinHR to offer digital solutions in the HR domain to companies across Ghana. The partnership will be shaped by a focus on culture and performance as a basis for HR policies. – Sep 2019

“The changes in demographic and the transition from a manufacturing to a knowledge economy – have turned the role of HCM on its head. BizMerlinHR is at the forefront of this transition, by providing the critical tools that modern organizations need.” says Dr. Amrinder Arora, CEO of BizMerlin.

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"Artificial Intelligence has the power to assist all aspects of human capital management, including identifying candidates that are highly likely to succeed, set personality appropriate goals for them that spur productivity and minimize attrition." Amrinder Arora
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IndiaWest features Amrinder Arora,
BizMerlinHR’s CEO together with
Google’s Sundar Pichai and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella
as part of the top 50 best CEO’s for Diversity

India West


Awarded with
Best CEO for Diversity
Award by Comparably

As seen in the news:

“When you have leaders that are focused on issues (of) inclusion and diversity, and especially when they have a diverse background themselves, I think … employees feel rewarded and empowered”

Jason Nazar – CEO, Comparably

USA Today

BizMerlinHR recognized with the
Top 20 Most Trusted Cloud Solutions
award by InsightsSuccess

This is what InsightsSuccess experts had to say about BizMerlinHR, the company and Amrinder Arora, co-founder and CEO:

“Human Resource platforms are central to hiring, retaining employees, and doing so with optimal efficiency. However, there is a need for current HR platforms to take the next big step and combine the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with cloud technology to provide management with real and actionable insights. This is not a distant dream. BizMerlin is helping small, large and medium-sized businesses achieve this exact goal via cloud technology to bring-in maximum efficiency in operations.”

“The company is led by Dr. Amrinder Arora, the Co-founder and CEO. His name in the industry requires no introduction as he has won numerous awards and has made a giant contribution to the industry. He was recognized as one of 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs in 2016 and has published a book titled, ‘Analysis and Design of Algorithms.’, which continues to fascinate experts on Artificial Intelligence. His first-hand observations about the vast inefficiencies in recruiting have led BizMerlin to create a top HR management solution and inspire a success story which is as personal as is professional.”

SiliconIindia Awards

“The uniqueness of the BizMerlin HCM System is in its ability to process data intelligently and respond to with recommendation based on historical data driven by complex algorithms to support the decision making. For example, the flagship ATS feature has the power to analyze each application and provide smart recommendations about candidates.”

Dr. Amrinder Arora

BizMerlinHR’s awesome customizable features and ease of use awarded with Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards by FinancesOnline for 2nd year in a row!!
With a 100 percent user satisfaction score, BizMerlinHR made it to FinancesOnline Top 8 HR software solutions list.

March 2018

BizMerlin, Best Company Culture 2017

“Comparably’s annual Best Places to Work list represents the top 50 companies among thousands of U.S. businesses. This prestigious award showcases the best overall company cultures as rated by their own employees. These honorees stand out as the best of the best, reflecting the most stellar teams, leaders, compensation, and benefits”

Jason Nazar, CEO,

As seen in the news:
Business Insider


Best CEO Top 50 2017

Co-founder and CEO of BizMerlin, sharing list with Marc Benioff from Salesforce and Jeff Weiner from LinkedIn…

“The CEOs included in Comparably’s annual Best CEOs list, ranked among the highest rated leaders across thousands of CEOs. Most notably, this award came directly from the contribution of their own employees and ratings across multiple dimensions from a diverse talent pool of various departments, genders and backgrounds. It’s an honor to be included in the 2017 Best CEOs list, and reflective of the great teams and company cultures these leaders have helped to foster.”

Jason Nazar – CEO, Comparably

As seen in the news:

Women, Rejoice!

Co-founded by SONEEKA ARORA
BizMerlin is recognized as Best Company for Women

BizMerlin, where women have…

  • The peace of having a fair compensation
  • The boost of being challenged at work
  • The gift of receiving meaningful feedback
  • The challenge of a real mentor
  • The thrill of being invested in your career growth

… and so much more!

As seen in the news:
USA Today

Because it takes a great team to make a great product...

… we have the best team working really hard to make BizMerlinHR the best tool to help you build the best workplace ever

As seen in the news:
USA Today

“BizMerlinHR: Transforming Organizations since Inception”

BizMerlinHR selected as one of the 10 most innovatinve SAAS Solution Providers

” BizMerlin is a complete Artificial Intelligence powered machinery that essentially transforms organizations. The machinery covers the entire gamut of human capital management needs, starting from the hiring process, work allocation, employee’s growth, performance management, all the way till retirement and offboarding process. BizMerlinHR helps organizations in resource planning and forecasting by incorporating smart algorithm in a friendly user-intuitive manner, leaving a direct impact on organization’s financial performance. BizMerlin is an absolute necessity for companies where people work across multiple projects.”

Insights Success, September 2017

The Huffington Post

“Artificial Intelligence can inform goal setting and facilitate accurate performance reviews, which helps management steer employee growth and incentivize productiviy based on achievable skills and personal preferences”

Dr. Arora, CEO & Co-founder of BizMerlin

“BizMerlin is at the forefront of the artificial intelligence frontier for human capital management”

BizMerlinHR featured in the HR Tech Special Edition on CIO Applications Magazine

“BizMerlinHR works to fill the gaps in resource allocation and hte vital human resource management space to uplift a ‘regular’ company to a ‘supercharged’ company”

CIO Applications, June 2017

“BizMerlinHR the true wizard of HR Management”

BizMerlinHR selected as one of the 10 most valuable cloud solution provider Companies

“With its open API and 100+ inbuilt integrations, BizMerlin was able to solve the problem of data silos that affects a majority of the organizations. BizMerlinHR is a key and willing partner in an organization’s ecosystem, and using the inbuilt integrations with Jira, ADP, Salesforce, and other applications, customers can make the most of their data and ensure that data can be used in a holistic manner.

Further, using AI tools, BizMerlinHR was able to start giving start system recommendations, in stark contrast to other HR systems that are simply pretty data storage tools or fancy address books.”

Insights Success, April 2017

“Best HR Software for Small Businesses in 2017” by FitSmall Businesses

“We chose BizMerlin as the best HR software for small business because of its affordable price, its payroll integrations, and for its additional features like recruiting that push it closer to being an all-in-one solution for small business HR needs”

Amrinder Arora, Co-Founder of BizMerlin: One of the 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs

“For most companies people are their most valuable asset and it is surprising, if not outright shocking, that the management of these resources is either considered to be a burden, or considered ‘solved’ using some variant of an address book. BizMerlin takes the opposite view to that, where all phases of a person’s hiring to retire cycle are given due consideration.”

Insights Success- January 2017

BizMerlin ranked within the 20 promising cloud based solutions

” Reston, VA based BizMerlin has been leveraging the power of cloud and striving to ameliorate the resource management experience since its inception. “We have never had a ‘download’ option, and we have never been asked for by any client and that goes on to show the adoption of the cloud in this very competitive market,” says Dr. Amrinder Arora, CEO of BizMerlin. “

Silicon India – June 2016

Translation Giant chooses BizMerlin as their human resources and allocation solution

” Compass found that BizMerlin provides a full spectrum of resource management functions by forecasting how many team members are needed for current and future projects, putting together appropriately skilled teams at the right rate and visualizing how teams evolve overtime. As the margins are always thin in the professional services business, assembling a team that can successfully complete the project on time and profitably is the key. Traditional project management tools (like JIRA) are great at tasking, and BizMerlin’s Resource Management platform along with its skill matrix and performance management solutions make project management tools more effective by optimizing the preceding step of team allocation. ”

GlobeNewswire – July 2016

Check out how BizMerlin helped Max get free of his complicated spreadsheet and how he went back to enjoying what he does best: put the best teams in place!

Max is now on top of the performance review process while building a true culture of great feedback to focus on what really matters: happy and growing talent!