Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Make performance reviews about what really matters: employees engaged and growing!

Performance Reviews Software

360 Reviews

Define self, peer, supervisor and direct reports

Performance Reviews Software

Progress Dashboard

Track progress of the performance cycle in all its phases

Performance Reviews Software

Unlimited Reviewers

Add as many internal and external reviewers as you need

Performance Reviews Software

Library of Templates

Build your performance metrics using existing templates, or from scratch

Goal Management Software

Integrate with Goals and Skills

Import individual goals and skills to the performance template with a click


Individualized or in Batch

Launch performance reviews individually or in batch

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Multi layered Consolidation with Signatures

Consolidate average scores and comments in a final review and use configurable signature flows


Reminders and Notifications

Automate notifications and reminders so everyone is on top of their game

Key features

Performance Review Dashboard

At a glance view of where your performance review cycle is at any given time, so you are in control and on top of the process

Performance Review Templates and Library

BizMerlinHR includes a number of performance review templates for the most common types for profiles (sales, developers, business analysts, etc.) with a number of indicators already defined for you to use as is or, to edit to reflect the needs and culture of your organization!

Customizable Scale Types

Because you know best what type of assessment works well for your organization, department, geography or role, you can choose from a range of scale types: Thumbs up/down; Red-yellow-green; 5 point scales; 10 point scales, and more!

Performance Reviews in Batch

Create and manage performance reviews in bulk. With just a few clicks, launch, consolidate and archive multiple reviews at once.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Automate notifications and reminders to users and reviewers so everyone is on top of their game meeting deadlines along the way!

Engaging | Meaningful | Configurable