Automated Reminders and Notifications

Automated Reminders and Notifications

Put your focus back on what matters

Improve Efficiency

Increase the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of notifications

Save time & Efforts

Notify team members of new requests and tasks automatically

Ensure Alignment

Get everyone on the same page by alerting all the key stakeholders

Gain efficiency with HR Automation

Spend less time chasing people to complete actions with BizMerlinHR. Automation ensures vital tasks are done at the appropriate time ensuring smooth operations.

Paid Time Off Management

Automating notifications and reminders helps the HR team make sure that no task is overlooked

Schedule Notifications Smoothly

Get assured you notify the right information to the right people, right on time. Automation technology helps keep all the pieces organized and easily accessible to all relevant employees.

Customize Notification Settings

Adjust the settings of your alerts to ensure that you get the notifications that matter to you. Automated reminders make sure that nothing important gets neglected in the overloaded list of work.

Flexible Framework for Employees

Supplement your Performance Reviews with Skill Management and Training & Development

What you focus on will Grow

Access, track and report each employee’s skills and competencies all in one place with agile skill management tool


Drive development with Trainings

Analyze delicacies of the team, empower them with the knowledge and skills through training

Training & Development

Harness the power of HR Automation to standardize the employee experience