Performance Reviews in Bulk

Performance Reviews in Bulk

Launch reviews in bulk to streamline the process

Streamline HR processes to maximize efficiency

Tedious HR tasks no longer consume your day, instead, with performance reviews in batch make sure evaluations are completed on time and you have additional time to focus on the things that matter, your people. We provide you with the best HR performance management tools; reviews are collected, analyzed, and performance gaps are spotted so that your workforce knows where to concentrate their efforts!

Nothing gets missed!

Save time and effort by setting up performance reviews for a specific group of employees by filtering them according to their title, org unit and location so that you can act upon them all at once. This enables reviewers to quickly complete performance reviews for similar profiles.

Enhanced performance management is the driving factor of increased engagement

Screening employee performance on similar metrics

Evaluate the performance of employees with similar profiles by using a common evaluation template. In addition, you can also include sections related to each employee’s goals and competencies to develop a custom action plan.

Increase Productivity

Investing in effective performance management decreases turnover, boosts productivity and increases employee engagement, all of which have an influence on your ROI. Not only Managers will have a better understanding of how their employees are doing but employees will also feel more engaged if they know what to focus on.

Are you ready to be on top of your HR Process?

If you're looking for software to help you manage employee performance more effectively, take the following solutions into account

Understand the factors that make your best talent stay

Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills through trainings.


Set clear goals for your team

With the goal setting and tracking module, you can set and track SMART goals that are aligned with business objectives.