Performance Review Templates

Performance Review Templates

Streamline performance reviews by creating custom templates

Employee review should be focused on the tasks and responsibilities they take on every day. Create and customize truly great performance evaluation forms with BizMerlinHR for teams or individual employees that you and your human resources team can use for years to come.

Custom Tailored Templates

Build your own sections and items with BizMerlinHR’s highly configurable performance review templates, which allow your team to modify metrics that are more pertinent to the person’s position or even the organization.

Calculate score based on weightage

When reviewing and assessing performance, choose your own weightage and scales for each metric to reflect the unique nature of your company.

Build a holistic view of your employees’ performance.

Instant Feedback

Integrated reviews

Specify the accessibility levels for the performance review template as self review, peer review or other so as to get detailed review from all the organisational stakeholders.

Choose your own parameters

Evaluate employee performance by combining a multitude of employee performance parameters, whether quantitative, qualitative, or both, in order to optimize your performance management process while reducing rater bias.

Employee Check-ins

Complement your Performance Reviews with Streamlines Check ins and Succession Planning

Accelerate your team growth

Stop the troublesome working, spot the barriers and work it out in a better way with regular check-in meetings


Open your internal career marketplace

Produce accurate forecasts for optimal outlining of key roles aligned with the organization’s performance.

Succession planning

Unlock your team’s full potential with BizMerlinHR

How to write a great Performance Review?

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