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BizMerlinHR offers a flexible pricing model.  You can add modules as you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the subscription period?

You have the choice of signing up for an annual membership, a three-year membership, or a five-year membership. For new customers, the annual membership is the most popular option. A 3-year or 5-year membership is most prevalent after the second year

2 What are the training options?

You can choose to get training via web/phone.  A certain number of training credits will be included by default in your subscription contract.

You can also choose to get “in-person” training. Our certified trainer can travel to your site or provide training over the web.

3 What implementation support does BizMerlin provide?

The customer success team at BizMerlinHR will collaborate with you to establish an implementation strategy and compose an implementation team. Your account manager, 1-3 specialized implementation consultants, and a key executive from the BizMerlinHR team generally make up the implementation team. Your account manager will work with you to ensure that appropriate team assistance is available, as well as keeping you informed about pricing and timeframes.


4 Is it easy to get started?

Each organization is unique, as are the implementation processes. Each account is assigned a dedicated account manager who discusses and walks through potential implementation schedules, as well as advantages such as a dedicated account manager, live chat, and our detailed, easy-to-understand knowledge library, weekly meetings, and touchpoints.

5 Does BizMerlinHR provide proof of concept/proof of value?

Yes, we provide our customers with a no-risk proof of value with full support.  During this proof of value process, you will be able to confirm as well as quantify the value that the system brings to your specific organization. This proof of value is your organization’s no-risk approach to trying out a new system.  We understand that this proof of value implementation is a significant investment of time and effort on both sides, and your account management team will work with you to ensure that the proof of value system can be readily rolled out to the full implementation.

6 Is the system scalable?

BizMerlinHR is inherently scalable.  Whether you start with one hundred employees or want to jump to many thousands of employees, BizMerlinHR has customers, processes, and experience to handle your dynamic needs.

7 When and how is the software upgraded? Is there any charge for upgrades?

BizMerlinHR is a fast-paced software development company, and we have regular releases that may include enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. As a solution, BizMerlinHR has just one version, and we’re always innovating and upgrading to make it even better. We mention the communication in our “What’s New” newsletter and on our website as well. So all we ask is that you bookmark the What’s New page so you can keep track of what’s new.

8 Do I get a dedicated account manager?

Yes, each account has its own account manager. We strongly encourage all of our clients to communicate with their account managers on a regular basis regarding any feature requests, enhancements, or HR-related questions. As your allocated account manager, you will receive assistance with implementation support, addressing your issues, and scheduling weekly demos, among other things.

9 Which other applications do you integrate with?

HRIS, personnel records, and onboarding, benefits, workforce planning, competence, and succession planning — to mention a few – are all handled by BizMerlinHR. You may also look at our pre-built integrations on our integrations website. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you may use our secure API to create your own integration. We’re a completely transparent HR platform.

10 Is there a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, all qualified non-profit organizations receive a 40% discount. Please contact us for more information.

11 What are the Terms of Service?

Use of BizMerlin is governed under the BizMerlin Terms of Service.

12 What is the Pricing structure of BizMerlinHR?

Pricing is determined by two criteria in our software: the first is the “Number of Employees or Users,” and the second is determined by the “Modules of Interest.” You can get a personalized pricing quote by filling out the form here.

What our customers are saying about
how BizMerlin is changing their business

clics is the employee you can never hire

“Using BizMerlinHR helps us implement a critical part of our business strategy”

Using BizMerlinHR helps us implement a critical part of our business strategy – to provide, as quickly as possible, the best tutors, matched precisely to specific student needs. This high accuracy targeting enables us to accurately reach our training opportunities, deliver the best efficiency in the right learning experience and minimize the student’s expense. That is a win-win gain for us.


BizMerlinHR is the second HR software we have used and it is beyond our expectations.

BizMerlinHR is the second HR software we have used and it is beyond our expectations.

The application is friendly and has been customized to suit our needs which is something the other software was unable or unwilling to accommodate. We are continuing in the beginning phase, as we just rolled out to our employees, however there is no doubt in my mind BizMerlinHR is the software for our unique time off policies.


Easily configured the software to make it relevant to my organisation

“Easily configured the software to make it relevant to my organisation”
Acquiring a capable HRMS has taken the load of leave, capacity and performance management off me. Our journey towards building a high-performance culture started with our ability to track and measure individual and team performance. The difference for me in the first six months has been like day and night.

I was fortunate enough to select a partner like BizMerlin that is responsive and professional. Together, we have configured certain aspects of the software to make it relevant to my organization. I am ready to soar.