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BizMerlinHR offers a flexible pricing model.  You can add modules as you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the subscription period?

You can choose to subscribe annually, buy a 3 or a 5-year subscription. Annual subscription is our most common subscription for the new customers.  From second year, a 3-year or 5-year subscription is most common.

2 What are the training options?

You can choose to get training via web/phone.  A certain number of training credits will be included by default in your subscription contract.

You can also choose to get “in person” training. Our certified trainer can travel to your site or provide training over web.

3 What implementation support does BizMerlin provide?

BizMerlinHR customer success team will work with you to define an implementation plan and create an implementation team. Implementation team usually consists of your account manager, 1-3 dedicated implementation consultants, and a key executive from BizMerlinHR team. Your account manager will work with you to ensure appropriate support from your team is available, and keep you apprised of the costs and timelines.

4 Is it easy to get started?

Each organization is different and each implementation process is different. Each account gets a dedicated account manager who discusses and walks through what potential implementation timelines support options like designated account manager, live chat and our comprehensive, easy to follow knowledge base.

5 Is Credit Card needed for Signing up?

BizMerlinHR offers free 14-days trial which you can start without entering the credit card. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can cancel your trial account anytime. If you plan to continue, you will be required to enter the credit card after the trial period ends.

6 Does Trial account offer complete set of features?

Yes, the trial account lets you do everything on the application platform, with some exceptions. For example, positions cannot be published to external job boards in the trial phase.

7 When and how is the software upgraded? Is there any charge for upgrades?

Our software is cloud-based and built on a modern technology stack. As a result, there’s only one version of BizMerlinHR, and
we’re constantly releasing enhancements and features to make it better and better. We send out the communication in our “What’s New” newsletter and also announce the same on our website. So we just request you to bookmark What’s New page for checking out what new has been rolled out.

8 Do I get a dedicated account manager?

Yes, all accounts have a dedicated account manager. We highly encourage all of our customers to stay constantly in touch with the account managers for any feature request, enhancement, or any HR related query.

9 Which other applications do you integrate with?

BizMerlinHR handles most of your core HR needs: HRIS, employee records, and onboarding, benefits, workforce planning, competency and succession planning – just to name a few. You can also refer to our integrations page for offerings of pre-built integrations. But in case, you don’t see what you need, you can also build your own integration through our secure API. We’re a truly open HR platform.

10 Is there a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, all qualified non-profit organizations receive a 40% discount. Please contact us for more information.

11 What are the Terms of Service?

Use of BizMerlin is governed under the BizMerlin Terms of Service.

What our customers are saying about
how BizMerlin is changing their business

Skill Matrix, a feature we cannot live without!

“In the pursuit of evaluating HR solutions, we tested numerous products and found BizMerlin to be a very cost efficient way to best manage our most valuable strategic resource. BizMerlin provides the ability to implement a complete robust modern HR process that benefits company executives, supervisory managers, and individual contributor employees. Customer service is excellent and unlike many of HR solutions we tested, BizMerlin can easily be tailored by our company which we believe contributes to our competitive advantage. One of BizMerlin’s unique features that we now can’t live without is Skill Matrix which allows us to optimize our workforce by ensuring the right person (either through hiring or internal allocation) is on the right team, working the right project, at the right time to maximize revenues while minimizing HR operating costs across our enterprise.”

Eric Cash - President / CEO,Crawford Cash Consulting Group

No Drama. The product just works!

“We selected BizMerlin after doing a long review of all leading HRs, spanning over 3 months. If you see the advertising, the competitors promise the moon, but if you get into the details, they nickel and dime you. For example, from one of the better known competitors, we got slapped with a couple of grand “setup fee”. With BizMerlin, you get zero drama. Their product just works, and the pricing is super flat. All two or three times I had to call them, I got pretty much their top leadership or a very experienced product developer on the phone, who know everything inside out, and were able to help me in like 5 mins. Again, no drama, and this is their best aspect.”

Caitlyn - SW Inc.

A great product, great support, greater pricing!

“We have been using BizMerlin for over a year now to manage our HR activities. They’ve got a great product, a great support team and even better pricing. Highly recommended.”

Mohit Sareen - Jungli CEO

Simplicity and ease of use

“I am very impressed by the simplicity and ease-of-use of this product. My basic familiarity with HR processes allowed me to intuitively recognize all key functionality and I could start using the product without any help, demo or user guide. Two important aspects of high performing organizations are ‘clarity in expectation’ and ‘transparency in execution’. BizMerlin very nicely facilitates those aspects of HR management.”

Manoj Srivastava - Graphus Inc.