Real-time People Analytics

Real-time People Analytics

Transform your organizational data into actionable insights

Professional Services Automation

We provide role-specific, pre-defined user dashboards based on our years of expertise working with organisations just like yours. BizMerlin lets you present the complicated information in easy understandable graphs, charts and visualizations. There’s no waiting to get started. Your organization is ready to grow from the start.


Boost your analytics to the next level


Quick Glance

Allow decision makers to quickly identify data insights and give your firm a snapshot of their headcount patterns.


Interactive Visualization

An interactive data visualization software that offers business leaders deeper information about their employees.


Stay Ahead

We assure that business leaders will benefit from this analytics solution that will help them better recruit, train, manage, and develop their employees.


All at One Place

Leveraging a single system of record across all parts of your business, you can present business-critical stats like a pro.

Key Benefits

Understand the core causes and anticipate future results

Improve Your Hiring Decisions

HR analytics empowers HR experts to make better choices based on historical data. It can assist you in determining where your best candidates come from and whether you are losing folks in the acquisition funnel.

Training and Development

Training and Development

Training is a continually growing need for any firm. Training analytics can allow firms to identify whether or not employees make full use of the opportunities and expertise provided to them during training programmes.

Enables Better Workforce Planning

Organizations that use people analytics can analyse workforce data to gain a better understanding of the present state of the workforce and to feed discussions about the talent required to fulfil business objectives.

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