Retention Management

Retention Management

Retention Management

Understand the factors that make your best talent stay

Retention Management

Improve Employee Engagement by Giving Them a Voice

Employee surveys make it easy to collect and understand how employees compare your company to competitors on pay, benefits, bonus. Gain better insights into the pulse of the organization.

Know What They Expect!

Give them the Recognition they Deserve

BizMerlinHR’s awards dashboard makes it easier to appreciate employee’s efforts in front of the whole organization in a click which helps to create a positive workspace culture and better employee experience. Providing incentives may also spur other employees’ motivation.

Empower your organization by taking actions that put your people first

Track Problems With Intelligent Analytics

With interactive visualizations, you can make sure your managers get every ounce of insight they need to drive positive change in your business. With actionable planning reports that illustrate your workforce’s path, you’ll be able to monitor their progress.

Enable Self-Actualization

Provide employees with training as they work to keep their expertise and awareness about new trends up to date, allowing them to grow and advance in their careers and positively influencing the workplace.

Strategize Your Career With Clear Mapping

Define and share career pathways that will help people in your company gain a deeper understanding and clear insight into the step-by-step career journey so they know what to expect next and where you’re concentrating your efforts.

Empower your Retention Management with Compensation
Management, Training and Check-ins

Bring modern compensation to life

Define, oversee, and control the entire compensation cycle that is aligned with business goals.

Compensation Management

Drive development with trainings

Analyze delicacies of the team, empower them with the knowledge and skills through trainings.

Training & Development

Accelerate your team growth

Stop the troublesome working, spot the barriers and work it out in a better way with regular check-in meetings.

Streamlined Check-ins

Employee satisfaction builds a culture of commitment— it can
be a competitive advantage!

The Power of Like Share and Comment

The importance of employee recognition to engage workforce

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